Stellarvue 0.8X Reducer Flattener for f/7 Refractors with 2" Focusers

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Stellarvue 0.8X Reducer Flattener for f/7 Refractors with 2" Focusers
Item # SV-SFFR102-2
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  • Stellarvue Field Flattener & Reducer for f/7 refractors with 2” focusers.
  • The reduction factor of the SFFR102-2 is 0.8X, creating an f/5.6 focal ratio.
  • The backfocus of this SV 2” Flattener Reducer is 55 mm.
  • The telescope side of the reducer/flattener accepts standard 2” filters, and the camera side is a standard t-thread (M42x0.75).


Stellarvue 2” 0.8X Reducer Field Flattener
for f/7 Refractors with 2” Focuser

The Stellarvue SFFR102-2 Reducer Flattener is optimized for use with f/7 refractors with a standard 2" focuser. The SV Reducer Flattener slips into the 2" focuser and is snugged into place with the focuser’s set screws. A 48 mm filter thread is machined into the reducer flattener, allowing you to add standard 2” filters when desired. The focal reduction of the SFFR102-2 is 0.8X, which converts your f/7 refractor to f/5.6.

The backfocus of the Stellarvue 2” Reducer Flattener for f/7 Refractors is 55 mm. Since a DSLR with t-ring has a 55 mm backfocus, it is a simple matter to use the reducer/flattener for DSLR imaging. Just insert the reducer/flattener into the telescope’s focuser and then thread the camera/t-ring combo onto the flattener. An example is shown in the additional images section to the left.

If you will be imaging with a CCD camera as opposed to a DSLR, extension tubes may be required to achieve focus. It is important that you know the distance between your camera’s t-thread and the sensor, and it is equally important to remember that the distance from the back of the field flattener/reducer to the CCD sensor remains at 55 mm. If the CCD camera, for instance has a backfocus of only 35 mm, a 20 mm extension will be needed. If any extension tubes are required for your set-up, they will thread between the camera and the field flattener, as shown in the example provided in additional images. Please note that the camera side of the reducer/flattener requires extension rings with a standard t-thread (M42x.75).

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Stellarvue
Barrel Size 2"
Warranty 2 Year Warranty
Included Items

Included Items

  • Stellarvue 0.8X Focal Reducer Field Flattener for f/7 Refractors with 2" Focusers
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