Optec NextGEN MAXfield 0.33X Telecompressor Lens

Optec NextGEN MAXfield 0.33X Telecompressor Lens
Item # OP-17403
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  • The Optec NextGEN MAXfield 0.33X Telecompressor Lens is Optec's 2nd Generation MAXField telecompressor design with 0.33X reduction.
  • Will fit into any 2" diagonal and provides better color correction and a longer back-focus distance.
  • The Optec NextGEN MAXfield 0.33X Telecompressor Lens is compatible with SBIG's CFW-8! Violet light rejection filter included.
  • Choose the proper Optec CCD camera mounting plate from Accessories section.


Optec NextGEN MAXfield 0.33X Reducer

The Optec NGM (Next Generation MaxField) telecompressor increases the effective speed of the Meade and Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes from f/10 to f/3.3. This 3 fold reduction in focal length allows for 9 times greater field area and 1/9 reduction in exposure time for extended surface objects such as bright nebulae. The system is optimized specifically for f/10 Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes to allow for the correction of field curvature and spherical chromatism that afflicts these types of instruments. At f/3.3, the maximum corrected field has a diameter of 9 mm at the image plane which makes the unit suitable for CCD cameras with imaging chips of the same diagonal dimension or smaller.

The optical design of the Optec NextGEN 0.33X was done with Zemax and optimized for four field points using wavelengths of 450, 550 and 650 nm. The goal was for the smallest blur diameters for the four field points. The system was modeled using the actual optical prescription for an SCT with the inherit aberrations of this telescope. The resulting lens curvatures of this design was made without adjusting the radii to the optical lab's tool list. Custom tools were made for all surfaces.

You will need to order a NEXGEN CCD Mounting Plate in order to attach this telecompressor to your CCD camera. Choose from a selection of mounting plates listed in the "Accessories" tab to your left.

If you do not see the mounting plate for your CCD camera, or you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Internet Sales Department by email or by phone at 1-800-483-6287. Thanks!

Photo shows the SCT mount and CCD Camera Mount, both of which are sold separately.

Optec Product Number: 17403

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU OP-17403
Manufacturer Optec
Barrel Size 2"
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Included Items

Included Items

  • Optec NextGEN MAXfield 0.33X Telecompressor Lens
  • Violet Rejection Filter
Questions & Answers

Product Questions

What adapter is required to use Optec NextGEN MAXfield 0.33X with ZWO ASI178MC cooled? I do not understand the relation between camera back focus & length of the Optec adapter tube:


in this table the length of the adapter tube does NOT match the camera back focus given by manufacturer of the camera.
С11 и камера Canon600d как он будет работать?

C11 and Canon600d camera how will it work?
How (or can) this be used with a Starlight Express Lodestar X2?
Does the NextGen 0.33 reducer fit to the Celestron 9.25 EHD?
Hi Chris:
I have a optec reducer 0.33X and I want to use it with SCT 9.25" with moonlite mortorized focuser and ST-9XME with CFW8. The CFW has only narrow band filters that avoid to get a star for guiding, and I need to use my sbig remote guide head with a OAG.
Can I to use a OAG with this reducer and CCD?
What kind of AOG need I?
I have the old celestron OAG Can I to use it?
how is the setup of this image train?
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