TPO 2" 0.75x Focal Reducer for RC Telescopes

TPO 2" 0.75x Focal Reducer for RC Telescopes
Item # OS-FRRC-75
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  • Third Planet Optics 0.75x reducer will shorten your exposure times.
  • Fully-multi coated optics.
  • 2" slip fit adapter makes it easily attached to the TPO RC telescopes and your other 2" accessories.
  • Most compatible with CCD sensors with a 15mm or smaller diagonal measurement.
  • Enough back focus to include an off-axis guider and filter wheel in your imaging set up.
  • For terms and conditions please examine the TPO Warranty page here.



Fully multi-coated optics, the Third Planet Optics 2" focal reducer will reduce your focal length by 0.75x shortening exposure times while still retaining a crisp image with excellent color and contrast. Extra long focal length to be perfectly compatible with the TPO RC telescopes, off-axis guiders and filter wheels and is best for CCD sensors with up to a 15mm diagonal. Two element design effectively reduces focal ratios of the Third Planet Optics Ritchie Chretien from f/9 to f/6.75 and from f/8 to f/6.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer TPO
Barrel Size 2"
Warranty 2 Year Warranty
Questions & Answers

Product Questions

How would this work on my Meade ACF 16? And with a canon 6D DSLR?
Compatible with TPO RC6 + DLRS Canon EOS 60D?
What is the correct spacing for this focal reducer? I just bought one and I have no idea how to configure my CCD camera and accessories.
Will the Flattener/reducer work with the 10"RC and my SBIG STF8300C?
I have an Orion 8 f/8 Ritchey-Chretien Astrograph Telescope and currently using Atik filterwheel + atik 383L+ camera with a sensor size of 17.6mm x 13.52mm: Will it work properly ? How much will it increase the speed of my scope ?
Thank you in advance
I have an 8 inch RC and a SBIG8300 that is 22.5mm diagonal measure. Also a CFW and OAG. Beyond 15 mm is the problem vignetting or are there significant aberrations too? How bad are the aberrations if any?
What is the correct spacing for this focal reducer if I us a HuTech Flattener?
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