Baader Rowe Coma Corrector

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Baader Rowe Coma Corrector
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  • The Baader Planetarium Rowe Coma Corrector has been optimized for Newtonians with very low focal ratios- also called "fast" Newtonians from f/3.5 to f/6.
  • A perfect match to today's CCD and DSLR cameras and accessories, it works best at 91.5mm of back focus. Plenty of room for all of your accessories.
  • No change to your magnification! The Rowe corrector works at a 1:1 ratio.
  • Weighs 5 oz.
  • Easily inserts into 2" focusers and has external t-threads on the camera side for easy attachment to a variety of camera adapters and accessories.


Baader Rowe Coma Corrector

The Baader Planetarium RCC-I enables owners of fast Newtonian telescopes to use their instrument for taking stunning wide-field images, or visually, for delivering wide-field views with stars that remain pinpoint to the edge - with no magnification increase!

The RCC-I has been optimized for Newtonians with focal ratios from f/3.5 to f/6, and unlike many correctors has no Barlow-like effect meaning that it does not increase your magnification and image quality is retained. Imaging times stay short and the field isn't narrowed!

The Baader Rowe corrector's triplet lens design has been specifically optimized to be compatible with today's popular CCD and DSLR imaging set ups, working best at a lengthy 91.5mm back-focus. Now there's no need to choose what accessory you leave out of the imaging train, keep your adaptive optics, filter wheels, and guiders in place. For best performance, it is recommended to stay within 3mm +/- of the 91.5mm measurement.

Baader Planetarium Product Number: RCC-I

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Baader
Barrel Size 2"
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Included Items

Included Items

  • Baader Rowe Coma Corrector
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