Xagyl Ultra Thin Five-Position Color Filter Wheel - 1.25"

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Xagyl Ultra Thin Five-Position Color Filter Wheel - 1.25"
Item # XA-FW5125V4
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  • The Xagyl Five Position Color Filter Wheel is ultra thin at only 0.7", motorized, and ready to accept standard 1.25" CCD filters such as an LRGB filter set.
  • This economical CFW is the perfect choice for smaller monochrome cameras from manufacturers like ATIK, Starlight Xpress, and Orion.
  • The Xagyl Ultra Thin Motorized Color Filter Wheel is light-weight and adds just 19mm of back focus when used with the included adapters.
  • Speaking of adapters, you'll receive a T-T thread adapter, a T-C thread adapter, and a 1.25" nosepiece as part of the package, and Xagyl even provided a dark filter for one of the positions in the CFW when you want to do unattended dark frames.
  • Powered and controlled via USB means there are no bulky power supplies to deal with, and since the motorization is all internal, the filter wheel can do its job without getting in the way.
  • An ASCOM driver and other software can be downloaded from the Xagyl website, and allows you to organize your filters by name and back focus requirements, as well as doing jobs like diagnostics and filter selection. If you want to add 3rd party imaging software to the mix, you can pick anything that is compatible with an ASCOM filter wheel.
  • The FW5125V4 is still the world's thinnest and lightest motorized filter wheel, measuring only 19mm thick and weighing only 248g!



Xagyl Five-Position Motorized USB Filter Wheel

The Xagyl Ultra Slim 5-Position Color Filter Wheel is aimed towards astronomical use and designed for visual and photographic observation of celestial objects. It enables automated access to five industry standard 1.25” filters for astrophotography use. The characteristics and thin dimensions of the Xagyl CFW make it an ideal accessory for ATIK, Starlight Xpress, Orion or Basler cameras.


Xagyl Color Filter Wheel Highlights


  • Motorized for your convenience, but motors are all internal...no protruding electronics.
  • The Xagyl CFW is super slim at only 0.7" thick!
  • No power supply is required with this color filter wheel. Powered and controlled exclusively by USB.
  • The Xagyl isn't just slim, its dimensions (4.5" x 4.75" x 0.7") makes is one of the smallest, thinnest motorized filter wheels around!
  • It only adds 19mm of back focus when you use the supplied adapters.
  • The Xagyl Five-Position Filter Wheel package includes a nice selection of adapters, including a T thread to T thread, a T thread to C thread, and a T thread to 1.25" barrel adapter.
  • A "dark" filter is included so that you can take dark frames if necessary.
  • The filter wheel is reversible!
  • The filter carousel is threaded for M28.5 x 0.6 filters. An optional carousel is available for M28.5 x 0.5 filters.
  • The maximum filter cell height which can be accommodated is 11mm, having thread length of no more than 4mm.


About the ASCOM Driver

The filter positions for the Xagyl CFW is selectable with the ASCOM driver (a free download from the Xagyl website), a standalone utility is provided for diagnostic and manual filter selection, and the wheel can be used with any ASCOM Filter Wheel compatible commercial imaging software. The integrated firmware is field upgradeable as required using the included utilities.

The included ASCOM driver lets the user define each filter's name and back focus requirements in the event that the filters installed are not parfocal when coupled with a motorized focuser system (if available) for automatic refocusing.


Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Xagyl
Number of Positions 5
Wheel Filter Size 31.75mm Round (1.25")
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Included Items

Included Items

  • Five Position Color Filter Wheel for 1.25" Filters (not included)
  • T thread to T thread adapter
  • T thread to C thread adapter
  • T thread to 1.25" barrel adapter
  • 10' USB interface cable
  • Dark Filter for Unattended Dark Frame Capture
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