Gerd Neumann Filter Drawer System 2" Drawer

Gerd Neumann Filter Drawer System 2" Drawer
Item # GN-10-502-220
  • This filter drawer holds 2" filters, and slides into the main body of the Gerd Neumann Filter Drawer System.
  • The 2" filter drawer is made of black anodized aluminum (except the knobs, which are plastic).
  • Use a Gerd Neumann filter drawer for each of your filters (1.25" drawers are also available) for quick and easy filter switching while imaging.


Gerd Neumann 2" Drawer for Filter Drawer System

The Gerd Neumann Filter Drawer System is a very reasonable alternative to the filter wheel for convenient filter switching. This drawer, which fits into the "main body" of the Filter Drawer System (sold separately), holds 1.25" filters. All parts of the Gerd Neumann Filter Drawer System are made of aluminum and brass, with the exception of the knobs, which are made of plastic. All pieces are black anodized. Only stainless screws made of V2A are used.

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU GN-10-502-220
Manufacturer Gerd Neumann
Number of Positions 1
Wheel Filter Size 50.8" Round (2")

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well made, hard to insert and remove filters
There is no doubt this piece is well made. I purchased 4 for my LRGB filters and I am now buying 3 more for my NB filters. I had thought I would just swap the filters around as needed among 4 holders, but the part the filter screws into is very deep and cut just a small amount larger than my Astronomik 2" filters. So, inserting and removing filters is not easy as pie. In fact I intended to take extra care to not screw the filters in with more than minimal torque (and perhaps will put the smallest drop of oil I can manage on the threads), because if/when I need to remove the filter for some other use you cannot grab it from the side (which is inside the filter drawer body) and can only grab it with finger nails from the top. Undoubtedly there is a tool to make this easy but since I don't have it I thought I mention it to others. This fact would not have prevented me from ordering the filter drawer in the first place, but I would have just ordered a filter drawer per filter to start with. One final, Aw come on man, so you put your $1K worth of filters in the drawers now what? These really should come with a plastic container. Now I have to figure out what to put them in. After spending about $350 for drawers I don't think I should have to jury rig a solution to hold them when not in use -- which by definition is almost always since the Filter Drawer system holds only one. All that said, while I have not been able to use them yet (clouds *&*&^) they seem very well built and I'm sure will last a lifetime.
1= Houston, We Have a Problem & 5= It's Out of This World
Review by rgbtxus / (Posted on 5/6/2015)
Included Items

Included Items

  • One 2" Filter Drawer for Gerd Neumann Filter Drawer System
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