Tele Vue 90º Everbrite Diagonal - 2" - Satin Finish

Tele Vue 90º Everbrite Diagonal - 2" - Satin Finish
Item # TE-DSF-8002
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  • Dielectric, nonmetallic mirror coating for 99% reflectivity across the full spectrum.
  • The Tele Vue Everbrite Diagonal - DSF-8002 was custom machined to fit all 2" focusers, visual backs, eyepieces and filters.
  • The mirror blank is polished to an accuracy of 1/10th wave flatness.
  • The Tele Vue Everbrite Diagonal - DSF-8002 weighs 8 ounces.
  • Five Year Manufacturer Warranty.
  • SCT owners who wish to attach the diagonal to the rear cell of their telescope will need the optional ACS-0004 SCT Adapter. The 2" to 1.25" adapter (ACR-2125 or ACF-2125) is also sold separately.


Satin Finish Televue Everbrite Star Diagonal - 2"

When it comes to outright optical quality, no one quite does it like the folks at Tele Vue. The TeleVue Ever Brite star diagonal is now offered in both 1.25" and 2" models and are CNC machined from a solid block of aluminum. No inexpensive sheet metal or flimsy tubes screwed into a plastic body here. Permanent alignment of the interior optics is absolutely assured and the quality construction means it will fit every 1.25" or 2" focuser or visual back it meets - and every 1.25" or 2" eyepiece or threaded filter will equally fit. Adding heavy accessories won't phase the Televue Everbrite Diagonal. It's guaranteed to never come apart and both focuser and eyepiece barrels are antireflection threaded internally for higher contrast.

But it's what at the heart of the Televue Everbrite Star Diagonal that really matters. Inside the solid mirror housing is a pyrex mirror-type star diagonal which sports Everbrite dielectric mirror coatings for 99% reflectivity. For those who own reflector telescopes, you know that Everbrite coatings provide superior contrast and resolution. For the refractor and SCT, this means cutting edge images for lunar, planetary and double star work.

But quality doesn't stop there. Rather than use set screws to hold the eyepiece in place, TeleVue Everbrite Diagonals utilized a non-marring soft brass compression ring to hold their precious cargo in place. This means no more nicks, or scratches in expensive eyepiece barrels - and no screws to lose in the dark. As always, TeleVue considers every angle their equipment is used at and a special channel is cut right into the barrel to act as a safety stop. This will keep the diagonal, and your eyepiece from falling should it accidentally loosen from the focuser.

This is the same star diagonal Televue builds for their diffraction limited telescopes, and is exquisitely crafted to fold light exactly 90 degrees. The TeleVue EverBrite Star Diagonal is simply top of the line and will give you the visual performance your Schmidt-Cassegrain, Maksutov-Cassegrain, or refractor telescope is capable of delivering.

Televue Product Number: DSF-8002

Please note that SCT owners need to purchase the ACS-0004 to adapt this diagonal to their telescope. Also, the ACR-2125, also sold separately, is necessary if the observer wants to use 1-1/4" eyepieces or barlows with this system. Or, you can use the "Flat Top" 2"-1/1/4" Adapter (product number ACF-2125), for shorter path applications than the ACR-2125.

Customer Note: As of 1/1/12, Televue has extended it’s warranty on eyepieces, barlows, powermates and parracors from 5 years to a LIFETIME warranty! This will be effective on sales on 1/1 moving forward only and is not retroactive in any way. The warranty will still cover optical performance, optical coatings, optical cementing, plus mechanical components and operation of the product. This warranty still applies to the original owner and a dated proof of purchase must accompany any warranty repair claim.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Diagonal Type Star Diagonal
Diagonal Size 2"
Manufacturer Tele Vue
Warranty 5 Year Warranty
Included Items

Included Items

  • Televue 2" 90º Everbrite Diagonal - Satin Finish
  • Protective Caps
  • Five Year Televue Warranty
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