Telrad Dew Shield

Telrad Dew Shield
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  • The Telrad 2020 Dew Shield connects to your Telrad Finder with no additional modifications.
  • Protects viewing window and reticule from harmful dew!
  • The Telrad 2020 Dew Shield extends your viewing time and the life of your Telrad.
  • Fully adjustable pivoting motion.


The Telrad 2020 Dew Shield for Telrad Reflex Finder Scopes

Have you ever had dew collect on your Telrad viewing screen? Do you cringe at the thought of wiping it off with whatever is handy? Do you worry the moisture might damage your favorite piece of equipment? Worry no more! The Telrad 2020 Dew Shield for Telrad Reflex Finder Scopes is your inexpensive answer!

The lightweight plastic Telrad Dew Shield won't stop dew completely, but it's a very effective "shower cap" for your precious finder. The flip up shield connects to your Telrad by using the existing screws at the rear of the finder body and is held in place by adjusting the friction screws connected to the shield's metal attachment bracket. When your Telrad isn't in use, just pivot the hood forward to protect the viewing screen and the reticule... Then flip it back for an unobstructed view whenever you're ready to aim! Friction is what holds the Telrad Dew Shield open or closed and the amount of friction is adjustable by the user. This simple and inexpensive addition extends the amount of time you can use your Telrad during dew point conditions and helps increase the life time of your Telrad Finder scope by protecting it from excess moisture. It's a win-win situation!

The Genuine Telrad Dew Shield for Telrad Reflex Finder Scopes Features

  • Simple installation and ease of use!
  • Adjustable tension control.
  • Inexpensive insurance for your Telrad.
  • One year Telrad warranty.
Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU TR-2020
Manufacturer Telrad
Product Type Hard Dew Shield
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Included Items

Included Items

  • Plastic dew shield
  • 2 tension screws
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