Kendrick FireFly Heater Strap for 11" Optics

Kendrick FireFly Heater Strap for 11" Optics
Item # KE-2013-FFR
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  • The Kendrick FireFly Heater has lower power requirements than the Kendrick Premier line, and work well for less demanding observing conditions.
  • The RCA connector will attach to most dew controllers on the market, including Kendrick DigiFire and Premier models.
  • This Kendrick FireFly Heater will fit optical tubes with an outside diameter of 12.5" to 13.5" (310mm to 340mm), including the Celestron 11" SCT.
  • Please note that you will need a dew controller to operate this (and any) heating element. If you do not have one already, you can choose from a selection in the "accessories" section to your left.


Kendrick FireFly Dew Heater Element for 11" Optics

Kendrick FireFly heaters are designed for the astronomer who requires a dew prevention system that is both economical in price and power. Although unable to perform up to the high standards of their Premier brand of heaters, astronomers and anyone else requiring heated optics for dew prevention can depend on Kendrick FireFly heaters to perform under all but the most demanding observing conditions. Note that if your observing site gets temperatures that approach freezing on the nights you like to observe, you should consider other heater options.

Kendrick Firefly Dew Heaters

The FireFly heaters will extend the life of your battery between charges since they have lower power requirements than other dew heaters, and rest assured that the FireFly heaters will mildly disperse heat into your optics without compromising the figure of your telescope or camera optics or sending heat into the ungrateful atmosphere! Independent tests have clearly shown that the FireFly heaters are very effective in directing most of the heat into the optics, which is the secret to preventing dew.

Kendrick FireFly Heaters Kendrick Firefly Heaters
The image to the left shows the outward facing surface of a Firefly heater, while the image to the right shows the inside, or optic heating side of a FireFly heater. This surface shows a +20º C difference from the outward facing surface proving the effectiveness of our manufacturing process in directing the heat into your optics.
Kendrick uses high quality Velcro, elastic and RCA connectors with these heaters. All the FireFly heaters come branded with a permanent, white identification label for easy identification in the field, and come with a one year limited warranty.

Kendrick Product Number: 2013-FFR

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Kendrick
Product Type Heater Strap
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Included Items

Included Items

  • Kendrick FireFly Heater for 11" Optics
  • Cord
  • One Year Limited Warranty
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