OPT Doc Clay's Cleaning Kit - Dry Version

OPT Doc Clay's Cleaning Kit - Dry Version
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  • Clean your telescope's corrector plate, refractor lenses, eyepieces, primary mirror and more safely.
  • Doc Clay's Dry Cleaning Kit for Telescope Optics contains all the things you'll need except the liquids.
  • This thoroughly tested telescope cleaning system gives you the excellent, streak-free results your optics deserve.
  • Doc Clay's Dry Cleaning Kit for Telescope Optics was developed exclusively by OPT and Dr. Clay Sherrod of Arkansas Sky Observatory.
  • Includes a "shopping list" and complete instructions that allow you to mix your own cleaning and rinse solutions.
  • The Doc Clay Dry Cleaning Kit for Telescopes can be shipped anywhere in the world!


OPT - Doc Clay's Cleaning Kit for Telescope Optics- Dry

Doc Clay's Cleaning Kit for Telescope Optics is a collaborative effort between Dr. Clay Sherrod of the Arkansas Sky Observatory (www.arksky.org) and Oceanside Photo & Telescope. The ASO Fine Optics Cleaning System was much-awaited by amateur astronomers who worried about how best to clean their various high-reflectivity, high-transmission coated telescope optics. There are many variations of these coatings on the market today, and the Arkansas Sky Observatory wanted to find one formula and one method of cleaning that would provide excellent, streak-free results.

When the Telescope Cleaning System was finally unveiled to the world via the Web and the Yahoo! LX200GPS newsgroup, folks were anxious to try it, but had difficulty finding all of the items needed to carry out the task. Enter Oceanside Photo and Telescope....

Mike Fowler, that crazy guy who must not have had enough to do on his days off, decided to make this his Grail. First, he found the distributor for the cleaning pads that Doc Clay said worked best for cleaning telescope parts. Then he secured a distributorship, and purchased a whole bunch of them. Next, Mike haunted all the home improvement stores until he found a source for the Wooster soft bristled brush with just the right tip! Finally, and this is the hard part, he found 99% Pure Isopropyl Alcohol.

Next, Mike had to find bottles that didn't leak, and then mix and strain the various fluids according to the System instructions. Suffice it to say that all of this running around, all of this mixing, and packaging and boxing, has resulted in THE Telescope Optics Cleaning Kit. Here is what you get:

  • 1 Wooster 2" Angled Cleaning Brush (soft bristled brush conforms to the recommendations made by Doc Clay).
  • 200 Count Intrinsics Synthetic Pads
  • 1 spray bottle for Doc Clay's SuperPlus Solution.
  • 1 spray bottle for Doc Clay's Rinse Solution.
  • Complete Instructions and Shopping List

Why We Created the Dry Doc Clay Cleaning Kit

OPT ships products all over the world, and our international customers frequently request the Doc Clay Cleaning Kit for telescope optics.. Unfortunately, one of the liquid ingredients is considered a hazardous material by the US Government (ammonia), and we are not allowed to ship this ingredient out of the United States. The "dry" version was invented to allow our international customers to purchase all the other aspects of this special Kit. It would also be a good choice for any customer who wishes to mix up their own ingredients. These ingredients are fairly easy to find in most well-stocked drug stores.

OPT Product Number: OS-SPCKIT-D
Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer OPT
Included Items

Included Items

  • Wooster 2" Soft Bristled Angled Cleaning Brush
  • 200 Count Intrinsics Synthetic Pads
  • 1 Spray Bottle for Cleaning Solution
  • 1 Spray Bottle for Rinse Solution
  • Instructions for Mixing Solutions and Cleaning Optics
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