Sky Atlas 2000.0 Desk Edition - Laminated

Sky Atlas 2000.0 Desk Edition - Laminated
Item # SG-46913
  • Authors: Wil Tirion and Roger W. Sinnott - Publisher: Cambridge University Press - Co-Publisher: Sky Publishing (1998)
  • Laminated Sky Atlas 2000.0 Desk Edition contains 26 charts showing
  • close to 85,000 objects (stars and deep sky objects) down to magnitude 8.5.
  • Charts open flat and are top bound for easy handling while lamination protects your valuable maps from the elements!
  • Laminated Sky Atlas 2000.0 Desk Edition features black stars & deep-sky objects on a white background.
  • Laminated spiral bound edition measures 16.8 x 12.5 x 0.6 inches and contains 30 pages.


Laminated Sky Atlas 2000.0 Desk Edition

The long-awaited second edition of Wil Tirion's superb Sky Atlas 2000.0 offers 43,000 additional stars, with all positions now derived from the Hipparcos database. The Atlas opens out to reveal 26 charts, each one 500 mm wide and 380 mm deep (20 by 15 inches). This large format allows the stars, nebulae and galaxies to be displayed with unrivalled clarity. For this edition improved isophotal maps are used for the Milky Way, and extra charts for crowded areas of the sky have been added. Within the constellations, Flamsteed numbers identify the brighter stars by name, while NGC and Messier numbers are used for non-stellar objects. Black stars are printed on a white background in the Desk Edition. This atlas is an indispensable aid for all users of astronomical telescopes and the laminated pages help protect it from dew!

The Sky Atlas 2000.0 is the standard against which all other star atlases are judged, and is a classic! This is the "Desk" version of the Sky Atlas 2000. The objects are all black and the sky is depicted as white for easy identification at home or with a white flashlight. All versions of the Sky Atlas 2000, however, contain 26 charts covering the whole sky, and show 81,312 single, multiple, and variable stars down to magnitude 8.5, as well as 2,700 deep-sky objects. Close up charts of special areas like the celestial poles and Virgo-Coma Berenices galaxy region are included, and an acetate coordinate grid overlay helps determine accurate positions. The Desk Edition of the Sky Atlas 2000 is in a 12" X 16" book, and the pages unfold to display a chart with dimensions of 21 x 16 inches. The charts are spiralbound along the top for easy use.

Note from the editor: This is a great gift! The Sky Atlas 2000 is one of those "must-haves" for amateur astronomers who attend star parties or spend lots of nights, all throughout the year, under the stars with their telescope.

Laminated Sky Atlas 2000.0 Desk Edition Reviews

"Using data from both the Tycho and Hipparcos Catalogues, 81, 312 stars down to magnitude 8.5 are now plotted on 26 charts. This is nearly double the number of the previous version ... The Deluxe Version is spiral-bound and unlaminated. The Field and Desk Versions are available in less expensive unlaminated and unbound format, i.e. loose sheets, or more expensive laminated and spiralbound format ... Sky Atlas 2000.0 is an excellent atlas at a very reasonable price, and is suitable for both beginners and experienced observers." -- Gordon Nason, Astronomy and Space

"It is a splendid mid-range atlas." -- Ian Genner, Webb Society Quarterly Journal

"... an excellent new edition with changes which are all improvements. Thoroughly recommended for amateurs and I suspect that many professionals will also find it useful." -- Cliff Turk, Monthly Notices of the Astronomical Society of South Africa

Please Note: The photo shows three versions of the Sky Atlas 2000. The one on top of the stack is the "Field Edition", with white stars and a black background. The one on the bottom of the stack is the "Deluxe Edition", with a white background and colors used to show deep-sky objects, the milky way, etc., and finally, the one in the middle is the "Desk Edition", with a white background and black stars and other objects.

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU SG-46913
Manufacturer Bookstore
Author Wil Tirion, Roger W. Sinnott
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Cover Type None
Number of Pages 30
ISBN Number 9780521654326

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Sky Atlas 2000 desk edition
The laminated format is great so that the pages do not get wet from dew. Also the pages do not have to be folded out althought they are a little smaller. I miss the colored accests for nebula, star clusters, and the milky way that is in the no longer in print atlas. I still have my old atlas but I have lots of tape holding the folds in the pages. Overall the plusses in the new desk edition exceed the negative of not having color. At night with a red flashlight this difference becomes minor so I like the new one better.
1= Houston, We Have a Problem & 5= It's Out of This World
Review by grant / (Posted on 6/1/2014)
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Included Items

  • Laminated Sky Atlas 2000.0 Desk Edition
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