David H. Levy Planisphere

David H. Levy Planisphere
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  • Designed by award winning comet hunter, observer and lecturer - David H. Levy.
  • The Guide to the Stars Planisphere covers the sky for 30-60 North.
  • Made of durable plastic, is super easy to read, and has helpful hints on the back.
  • Guide to the Stars Planisphere is the largest of its type - a full 16" diameter!
  • Useful information printed on the back, including yearly meteor showers, planet facts, the Moon and binocular objects.


Introducing the NEW 16-inch David H. Levy Guide to the Stars!

A planisphere is a circular star chart that can be used to locate the constellations for any time of the day and any day of the year. Ours consists of two round pieces of plastic that are riveted together in the middle. You rotate these for your observing time (hour and day markings provided). The stars that appear in the white oval (see picture) are the stars that will be in the sky. The word "planisphere" refers to the projection of a sphere onto a flat surface.

Designed from the "ground up" by award winning astronomer and teacher, David Levy, you'll find this the largest and easiest planisphere to read. Geared for beginners and dabblers, the Levy Planisphere is great for those just learning their way around the sky, astronomy clubs and outreach presentations. But, that's not all! Turn it over and you'll find lots of useful information on the back including yearly meteor showers, planet facts, the Moon and binocular objects.

Designed for northern latitudes 30- to 60-degrees, the David Levy Planisphere includes summer and winter sky tours. No matter how much you use it, you'll find this durable plastic planisphere to be a welcome addition to your night gear. Made of 100% durable plastic, the ink cannot be scratched off with wear and it will survive where others don't!

Guide to the Stars Planisphere Reviews

"Levy's friendly style invites beginning stargazers to relax, follow the chart's easy to use instructions and slowly begin the fascinating task of finding the constellations." -- Arizona Daily Sun

"A jumbo star wheel. The largest commercial planisphere we've seen in recent years. . . skywatchers will find useful information on the Moon, planets, meteor showers and selected deep-sky objects." -- Sky & Telescope

"Add stars, constellations, and sprinkle on lots of fun astronomical facts for beginners and you have the main ingredients for a 16-inch planisphere..." -- Astronomy
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Additional Information

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  • David H. Levy "Guide to the Stars" Planisphere
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