Telescope Optics - A Comprehensive Manual for Amateur Astronomers

Telescope Optics - A Comprehensive Manual for Amateur Astronomers
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  • Authors: Harrie G. J. Rutten & Martin A. M. van Venrooij Publisher: Willmann-Bell (1988)
  • Telescope Optics - A Comprehensive Manual for Amateur Astronomers helps inform telescope buyers about their options and help telescope makers design custom optics.
  • Contains techniques on tweaking and improving existing telescope designs to meet your own standards.
  • Telescope Optics - A Comprehensive Manual for Amateur Astronomers is a hardcover edition containing 398 pages and illustrations.


Telescope Optics - A Comprehensive Manual for Amateur Astronomers

"Telescope Optics" will both arouse your curiosity and answer your questions. Why are there so many different kinds of telescopes? What does each type have to offer? What makes one telescope better than another? Which are best? Why? What are the trade offs? As a telescope buyer, you will be better informed; as a telescope maker, you will be able to design custom optics. Many readers will find the analyses of existing designs the most valuable part of the book. Newtonians, Cassegrains, Maksutovs, Schmidt cameras and more are described and analyzed so that you can easily compare them. What's your dream telescope? This book will help you choose it.Others will make use of the power they now have to check, test, and analyze new telescope designs.

No longer must you, as an amateur astronomer, meekly accept someone else's opinion about a telescope design. You can scrutinize existing designs and improve them to meet your own standards. Is that new astrographic camera all it's cracked up to be? By raytracing it, you'll know the answer.

Telescope Optics - A Comprehensive Manual for Amateur Astronomers - Reviews

"The great merit of the book is in the large number of ray trace spot diagrams shown for the specific designs covered, which allow quick comparison of their performance with regard to field of view, focal ratio, and tube length. Complete optical prescriptions for each design are included. In addition, the book offers the professional designer, who may not have been exposed to the concerns of amateur astronomers, the opportunity to round out his experience. There is a marvelous diagram, the Telescope Design Tree, which displays the genealogy of the multitude of design types in a clear, efficient manner and updates the old adage about pictures worth a kiloword. It is remarkable that once again amateurs have contributed so greatly to fill a gap left by the professionals." --- Optics & Photonics News

"This is a comprehensive manual for amateur astronomers. It describes the optical performance of most of the types of telescope bought (or built) and used by amateurs, and explains why some are suitable for visual observations, and others for photography, some for lunar and planetary work, others for faint and extended nebulae or star clusters. To facilitate comparisons, spot diagrams have been computed for all the telescopes described, and nearly all of them for a standard aperture of 200mm... The chapter on eyepieces is particularly informative... recommended for advanced amateurs..." --- Journal of the British Astronomical Society

"Anyone who wants to know more than just how to use a telescope can learn some optics from this book by two Dutch amateur astronomers, turned optical designers. You'll acquire a good understanding of the performance possible with the various types of telescopes and have a chance to try your hand as an optical designer. Telescope Optics provides a comprehensive analysis of practically any type of telescope an amateur would use for visual observation or photography. Coverage of the many types of catadioptric systems is outstanding. Taken in total, it is an optical design book, but written in such a way that amateur astronomers will find it of value whatever their level of interest, and the person seriously interested in design will find it a godsend. I recommend it highly for any serious amateur and for the professional who is going to work in these areas." --- Sky & Telescope Magazine
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Additional Information

SKU 9780943396187
Manufacturer Bookstore
Author Harrie Rutten, Martin Van Venrooij
Publisher Willmann-Bell
Cover Type Hard Cover
Number of Pages 398
ISBN Number 9780943396187
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  • Telescope Optics - A Comprehensive Manual for Amateur Astronomers
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