CCD Astrophotography - High-Quality Imaging from the Suburbs - Discontinued

CCD Astrophotography - High-Quality Imaging from the Suburbs - Discontinued   Discontinued
Item # 9780387262413
  • Author: Adam Stuart - Publisher: Springer Press (2006)
  • CCD Astrophotography - High-Quality Imaging from the Suburbs is for amateur astronomers location in light-polluted cities right on the pristine mountaintops!
  • Part of the Sir Patrick Moore Practical Astronomy Series.
  • CCD Astrophotography - High-Quality Imaging from the Suburbs is designed to help every imager work towards capturing digital images of the highest quality.
  • Soft cover edition measures 9.2 x 6.1 x 0.6 inches and contains 196 pages - including 142 full color images for a total of 343 illustrations.


CCD Astrophotography - High-Quality Imaging from the Suburbs

Not all amateur astronomers who live in a suburban location realize just how very effective a chilled-chip astronomical CCD-camera and software can be at cutting through seemingly impenetrable light-pollution. CCD Astrophotography from the Suburbs details one mans approach to the problem of getting high-quality astronomical images under light-polluted conditions. Adam Stuart has written this reference book for all amateur astronomers who are interested in CCD imaging, especially those who have to work under suburban conditions. The book outlines the materials and (commercially-available) equipment used for high-quality imaging. The many wonderful images Dr. Stuart has produced allow the reader to see the product of initially a fellow beginners efforts. The glorious images found in numerous books, and especially those seen in Sky and Telescope magazine might seem out of reach. But this is not really the case. Respectable images are attainable with modest equipment. This book outlines a complete and thoroughly tested working program for every beginner to achieve high-quality digital imaging.

Inside you'll find: The Challenge of Imaging under a Light-Polluted Sky.- Equipment Inventory.- Telescopes.- 10" LX200 f/10 Classic.- Stellarvue Nighthawk with Crayford Focuser.- Takahashi FS 60-C.- Superwedge and Pier.- CCD Camera.- Observatory and creature comforts.- Computer and cables.- Software for observing and telescope control.- Software for image processing.- Autoguider.- Accessories.- ToUcam camcorder.- A Night of Imaging under the Stars (and Clouds).- Processing Astrophotos Made Simple.- A Collection of Astrophotos.- What to Do with All Those Photos?.- An Introduction to Minor Body Astrometry.- Invaluable Contacts and Links.- Glossary of Terms Used in this Book.- Formulae.- Index.

CCD Astrophotography - High-Quality Imaging from the Suburbs Reviews

"In this book, US amateur Adam Stuart struts his stuff by turning his personal experiences into a full-length book. What I especially liked is that the author goes to great lengths to show what a variety of instruments can do . Stuart does a really nice job presenting astrophotography I for one found many of his tips and suggestions to be invaluable. The best feature of this book is high-quality colour images . the author must truly be congratulated!" -- (Neil English, Astronomy Now, March, 2007)

"Adam Stuarts book is a practical, enthusiastic, hands-on tale of the numerous challenges he faced and overcame during the construction of a home observatory under the light-polluted skies of southern Florida." -- (David Malin, Australian Physics, Vol. 43 (5), 2006)
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Additional Information

SKU 9780387262413
Manufacturer Bookstore
Author Adam Stuart
Publisher Springer Press
Cover Type Soft Cover
Number of Pages 196
ISBN Number 9780387262413

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Although a few years outdated (this is a quickly evolving hobby), there are a few good tips on the basics. The book seemed to focus on setting up an automated observatory, which is pretty cool, but unexpected based on the title. It's basically a narrative of the author setting up his observatory. Overall, not a bad read and I picked up a few good ideas for when I convince my wife to allow a dome in the back yard.
1= Houston, We Have a Problem & 5= It's Out of This World
Review by Hoser / (Posted on 6/8/2013)
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  • Soft Cover Edition of CCD Astrophotography - High-Quality Imaging from the Suburbs
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