Adam Block Video Tutorial 4- Reflection Nebula: VDB1

Adam Block Video Tutorial 4- Reflection Nebula: VDB1
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  • The Adam Block Video Tutorial 4- Reflection Nebula: VDB1 is a 260 minute video tutorial on imaging and imaging processing specific to a particular nebula.


Adam Block Video Tutorial 4- Reflection Nebula: VDB1

This in depth video tutorial by Adam Block a two hundred and sixty minute tutorial on a specific nebula and how to go about capturing images of it, and then processing them with both Photoshop and CCDStack and PixInsight. Adam is an accomplished astronomer who previously ran the public program at Kitt Peak National Observatory, and whose works you can find featured in popular magazines, books, software programs, commercial products, and popular space-related websites. Ergo, he is quite qualified to host these tutorials- and it shows in the clarity of each and every one of these video tutorials. Each of these tutorials is devoted to a specific nebula, star cluster, or galaxy since each has a unique method for processing- and each and every one of them is akin to sitting beside Adam Block as he processes the images; it's a very hands on learning experience. Adam’s tutorials take the viewer step-by-step through the production of a single data set. Each data set was taken with the 0.8m Schulman telescope and an SBIG STX 16803 CCD camera atop Mt. Lemmon. Each and every step is fully explained so as to be repeatable, and it shows, definitely.

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