Celestron 12V 17AH Power Tank DC Power Supply

Celestron 12V 17AH Power Tank DC Power Supply
Item # CE-18777
  • This Celestron PowerTank 17AH power supply is for those who want MORE POWER!
  • The 17AH PowerTank features more than twice the battery life compared to its smaller 7AH counterpart.
  • The Celestron 17AH Power Tank will work with any telescope that can be powered by a 12v DC external power supply, and has lots of features you'll appreciate.
  • Includes a DC cable for powering Celestron telescopes, two 12vDC outputs, an AC charger, a flashlight with red cap and an emergency light.


Celestron 17AH PowerTank

The Celestron Power Tank is not just another 12V power supply! It has all kinds of thoughtful features that will make your observing sessions more pleasurable. First of all, we like the built-in handle and, for a 17AH battery pack, it's compact size. Hauling a DC battery around can be a real pain, and we can tell that forethought went into the Power Tank's design. This model is a 17-amp hour battery, for even more power out in the field.

The Celestron Power Tank has two 12V output cigarette lighter ports. They have a cover built in so that dirt and moisure stay out when the port is not in use. There are three 5mm pin-jack outlets for operating accessories (1 amp max)...a 3V, a 6V and a 9V. The 12v 17amp Power Tank has a built-in flashlight with a red filter cap. It will come in handy during after-dark set-ups!

There is an 800,000 candle-power halogen emergency spotlight built into the Power Tank as well. It is certainly not for star parties, but if you leave the Power Tank in your car or someplace accessible in your home, the bright spotlight could be a lifesaver. Since this battery is rechargeable, Celestron has also included a 110V AC recharger. A DC power cord is included, meant exclusively for Celestron telescopes. If you plan to use this power source on a Meade scope, you will still need a #607 (or equivalent) DC power cord.

The 17Ah PowerTank also includes a built-in AM-FM radio (just in case you get lonely on a long observing run), as well as built-in jumper cables...a nice thing to have if you over-taxed your car battery during the night! Finally, there is a built-in circuit breaker in the unit, and separate on-off switches for the battery and flashlights. We think you'll like the Celestron Power Tank!

Celestron 17AH PowerTank Features

  • 17 amp hour
  • 2 x 12V DC output car jack socket
  • DC 3, 6, 9V output jacks
  • Built-in AM/FM Radio and Siren
  • Removable red filtered flashlight with magnetic back
  • Energy efficient LED spotlight
  • Handy jump-start system - 250 cranking AMPS (5 sec.)
  • Built-in circuit breaker for safety
  • Cigarette lighter adapter included
  • Switchable 110v-220v AC adapter
Celestron Product Number: 18777
Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU CE-18777
UPC Code 050234187770
Manufacturer Celestron
Warranty 2 Year Warranty

Customer Reviews 8 item(s)

Works great
I've had this battery for eight years now with no problems. It does run down when not in use but I've had no problems with recharging even after months of storage (at room temperature). The battery is not meant to be left plugged in when not in use (as described by another reviewer). According the manual it is dangerous to do so. The battery will last much longer by following the tips in the manual. But it does sound like Celestron's quality control is inconsistent at best.
1= Houston, We Have a Problem & 5= It's Out of This World
Review by CM / (Posted on 6/18/2015)
A good value considering the cost
I have now owned the Celestron 12V 17AH power tank for 2.5 years. During the 2.5 years I have kept it plugged into the wall charger whenever it is not in use. It has never failed me during observing and easily powers my Edge HD 11" /CGEM DX and either my Dew Removers or my camera. The main LED spotlight is very bright and the red light is very useful. The radio does not work very well as there is no antenna. I have used it to jump start my car so this function may be helpful if your car battery dies.
At 2.5 years the battery did start to fail but this was expected. I was able to easily replace the battery for about $45.
1= Houston, We Have a Problem & 5= It's Out of This World
Review by Kim B. / (Posted on 9/24/2013)
Poor quality and bad design
After a month the unit failed to recharge. I opened the case and found the soldering job on the circuit board was so sloppy that beads of solder were shorting out the circuit. After scraping away some of the excess solder the unit recharged and was usable for a few months more. But now something else has shorted out and the unit is now a door stop.

During the few months the unit mostly worked it was not a joy to use. There are far, far too many gadgets on what should be simply a battery with a charger, and unfortunately absolutely none of the gadgets work better than very poorly.
1= Houston, We Have a Problem & 5= It's Out of This World
Review by Leonard / (Posted on 6/15/2013)
Pretty much as the other reviews above - failed within a month or so, will not recharge. A useless, heavy lump of metal and plastic that I now have to pay to dispose of. What a pity. Instead, I am going to try a DieHard Marine Deep Cycle/RV Battery, Group Size 27M.
1= Houston, We Have a Problem & 5= It's Out of This World
Review by km / (Posted on 6/19/2012)
Leakage means you have to charge it every 30 days no matter whether you've used it or not. We had this thing for about a month and the battery failed. It is a nightmare to get out -- at least two dozen screws hold it together and most of them are at the bottom of very deep, tight holes. Then you find it is a nonstandard battery that is nearly impossible to find anywhere. Please don't waste your money. This is actually a rebranded car emergency power supply, which is why it has so many add-on parts that are useless for astronomy.
1= Houston, We Have a Problem & 5= It's Out of This World
Review by pjcamp / (Posted on 3/28/2012)
Dynamo PRO 17
I can't give this product a low enough rating. If the unit is not charged at least once a month it will fail and not charge. Even if you charge it monthly it still will fail within 1 or 3 years and some of these have bad chargers! Repairing it is costly and difficult. However, it will power your telescope. It will fail eventually, requiring you to buy another one that will also fail. I would not advise anyone to buy this product unless you have money to burn!
1= Houston, We Have a Problem & 5= It's Out of This World
Review by Power tank owner / (Posted on 4/23/2010)
Good power supply for the money
I bought the larger 17 amp hour Powertank for my NexStar 6SE telescope. It included the DC cable for the telescope, which was a nice addition. I have powered my telescope through long nights of observing and the Powertank handles it fine. It is nothing fancy, but it does not really need to be for the money.
1= Houston, We Have a Problem & 5= It's Out of This World
Review by Rick T. / (Posted on 11/5/2009)
detachable red light is very handy. radio is very poor but still useful. high beam light was covered up, just in case. its very powerful. switch cover is useless. the internal charge limiter is worthless. it never kept the battery at full charge. plus the fact the battery itself had a dead cell and would only go to 11 volts charged. i needed this supply for a long trip and couldn't wait for a return or new unit so i fixed it on my own. when its working right is handy. but if you buy this, plan to charge it for 1 to 2 days right out of the box and test it after it has a stable full charge.
1= Houston, We Have a Problem & 5= It's Out of This World
Review by GMAN / (Posted on 8/9/2009)
Included Items

Included Items

  • Celestron 17AH Power Tank
  • Cords
  • Adapters
  • Celestron Accessories Two Year Limited Warranty
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Product Questions

Can you recharge this power tank in countries with a 2 pin plug?
Will this power a laptop and a CGEM mount?
Does this power Skywatcher EQ6 synscan mounts. The car harger plug in says 12V/10Amp. Is 10 amp output too much for that mount and burn it?
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