Astrozap Baader Film Solar Filter for 8" Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescopes

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Astrozap Baader Film Solar Filter for 8" Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescopes
Item # AZ-1004
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  • The Astrozap Solar Filter is a white light solar filter crafted with Baader AstroSolar film and produces a neutral color balance image of high contrast.
  • The filter cell is machined from powder-coated lightweight aluminum, and attaches securely to your telescope.
  • The Astrozap Solar Filter film is stringently tested in Germany for safety, and unlike most other solar films, is coated on both sides.
  • This Astrozap solar filter will fit telescopes with an outside diameter of 225mm-235mm, including 8" Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes.


Astrozap Baader Solar Filter for 8" SC Telescopes

The filter cell that holds the Baader AstroSolar™ film is constructed from lightweight, 18 gauge aluminum and is powder-coated white. The heavy duty threaded inserts and nylon thumbscrews will insure a secure fit on the front of your telescope's optical tube assembly.

With Baader AstroSolar film, the Sun will appear a neutral white, allowing you to see more detail, especially in the faculae regions, than competing solar films that produce a bluish or reddish image. Due to its neutral color balance, AstroSolar enables the use of various color (or interference) filters which allows the observer to concentrate on certain spectral passbands for investigations of different layers within the solar "atmosphere." The Astrozap Baader Solar Filter is essentially free from pinholes, since it is coated on both sides. This means that your chance of two pinholes overlapping each other would be extremely faint. Baader AstroSolar safety film has been approved for eye safety by the National Bureau of Standards in Germany, the PTB. Unlike any other Solar Filter on the market, AstroSolar is CE-tested according to EG-Norm 89/686 and EN 169/92 (notified body 0196). All processes connected to this product have been thoroughly tested. Coatings are inspected constantly for consistency to ensure your eye safety!

Astrozap Product Number: 1004
Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU AZ-1004
Manufacturer Astrozap
White Light Filter Material Baader Film
Glass, Film, or Herschel? Mylar or Film Filter
Filter OD Size in Inches 6.1" - 8"
Full Aperture or Off-Axis? Full Aperture
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Filter Diameter 9.75"
Filter Fits Telescope OD Range of... 8.9" - 9.3"
Included Items

Included Items

  • Astrozap Baader AstroSolar Solar Filter for Telescopes with a OD of 225mm - 235mm
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Product Questions

i have an 8" od tube. i need a solar filter that will cover the 8"OD..but not the 9.25" that is too big.
what is the ID of this white light filter az-1004
Is this for visual observations or it is suited for the astrophoto and hence additional neutral filter might be needed for visual application? Thank you.
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