Solarscope Adapter Plate - SF-70/Televue 85

Solarscope Adapter Plate - SF-70/Televue 85
Item # SM-TV85-70
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Special Order

  • This Solarscope Adapter Plate was designed for the SF-70 H-alpha filter on a Tele Vue TV85 refractor.
  • Screw on style.
  • Wait time is approximately 2 weeks from date of order. A 10% deposit will be charged when you place your order, and the balance will be charged when your Solarscope product is ready to ship.


Solarscope Adapter Plate - SF-70/Televue 85

Solarscope Filters can be used on most telescopes of 3000mm focal length or less. A good quality refractor is ideal. Schmidt-Cassegrain, Maksutov- Cassegrain and other reflector types can also be used.

Customer Note: The adapter you receive may not look exactly like the ones depicted in the photograph, and of course, you will get only one.

Solarscope Product Number: TV85-70

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU SM-TV85-70
Solar Adapter Fit Type Threaded Connection
Manufacturer Solarscope
Warranty Not Supplied By Manufacturer
Solar Filter Adapter Size - Filter Side 70mm
For Telescope Model Televue 85
Included Items

Included Items

  • Solarscope Adapter Plate - SF-70/Televue 85
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Product Questions

How does the adapter plate work? Sorry I'm very new to Astronomy. I just got a Televue 85 and I'm hoping to see Mercury transit the sun on May 9th. The plate look clear- do I buy another filter and attach it to this plate, if so how, do you have a picture of how it works??

Thanks roger
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