Baader Solar Continuum Filter - 1.25"

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Baader Solar Continuum Filter - 1.25"
Item # BA-FSOL-1
  • This Baader Solar Continuum Filter comes in a fully-threaded 1.25" round cell.
  • Works in conjunction with a primary white light solar filter (or Herschel Wedge Prism) to show more granulation and sunspot detail!
  • The Baader Planetarium Solar Continuum Filter boosts contrast, cuts down on atmospheric disturbances but transmits at 540nm.
  • Good for both visual work as well as imaging, and even makes a good star test filter.
  • The Baader Planetarium Solar Continuum Filter cannot be used alone when looking at the Sun, or eye damage and equipment damage will occur. Must be used in conjunction with primary solar filter.


Baader Solar Continuum Filter - 1.25"

The Baader Planetarium Solar Continuum filter is designed to enhance the visibility of solar granulation and sunspot details. By transmitting a specific spectral region around 540nm, free of emission and absorption lines, the Solar Continuum filter is able to boost contrast and reduce the effects of atmospheric turbulence. With the Solar Continuum filter in place, images snap to focus, and granulation becomes regularly visible. Details at the limit of visibility become easier to hold, and image motion reduced.

The Solar Continuum filter works well in all types of telescopes, for both visual and imaging. Users of SCTs and achromatic refractors will find it particularly beneficial, as it completely excludes the red and blue wavelengths, and centers on the peak visual wavelengths where the telescope optics are sharpest and free from chromatic aberrations. For digital imaging, we also recommend the Continuum filter be combined with our UV/IR Cut Filter (to completely cut the unfocussed far infrared wavelengths).

The Solar Continuum filter also makes the perfect star test filter. It's narrow bandpass and complete blockage of longer and shorter wavelengths make it superior to standard green colored filters for testing refractors at their center design wavelength (and peak visual wavelength). With this filter, more accurate appraisals of optical quality can be made, without the effects of spherochromatism or secondary color error. Due to the narrow 10nm bandpass, star testing through the Solar Continuum filter will require a bright test star.

Please Note: For safe use, the Solar Continuum filter must be used in conjunction with a primary solar filter (ie, Herschel Wedge Prism, Baader AstroSolar Film, or other white light solar filter). It must be placed after the primary filter, and cannot be used alone, or permanent eye and equipment damage will result.

Baader Planetarium Solar Continuum Filter Features

True Optical Quality: Baader glass substrates are of true optical quality. Most other filters are merely made from raw flame-polished, "optically flat", or sometimes a top quality commercially polished filter glass (fine for camera filters), resulting in wavefront deformations that damage image sharpness and contrast when used with telescopes. Baader Planetarium filters are made from striae-free substrates, and actually fine optically polished flat to within 1/4 wave p-v over the entire surface, plane parallel to within 30 seconds of arc! This important and unique custom step adds cost - but the result is a filter that maintains the full wavefront quality of the telescope without double images or ghosting, even at high magnifications. Critical to maintaining this level of flatness are Baader's carefully balanced coating designs, which prevent coating surface stresses from warping the substrate. Such high flatness enables Baader filters to be used far in front of the focal plane, ahead of star diagonals and digital cameras. They are particularly well suited for attachment to the nosepiece of the Maxbright Binocular Viewer (other manufacturer's filters must be used in pairs, attached to the eyepieces).

Filter Durability: Filter durability has always been a hallmark of Baader Planetarium. The multi-layer dielectric coatings are plasma-assisted and Ionbeam-hardened using the latest technology (the coatings are harder than the glass substrate itself!). Baader filters withstand repeated real-world exposure to the elements and physical cleaning. Users need not leave their precious filters dull and dust encrusted to avoid cleaning - Baader filters may be used and cleaned without fear. We have heard sad stories from owners of other simpler soft-coated dielectric filters, who have seen their coatings degrade from normal exposure to moisture, or wiped away from routine cleaning. Some manufacturers even resort to sandwiching their delicate coatings in between two layers of glass (and risking blurred double images as well as eventual degradation from the edges inward). Baader Filters will truly last a lifetime.

Stackability: Unlike other filters, Baader Planetarium filters are truly designed to be stacked and combined. This is possible due to the high optical quality and highly efficient anti-reflection multicoatings. The ability to combine filters opens up many exciting possibilities, permitting unique spectral characteristics unachievable with any single filter.

Special Filter Cell: Baader's special filter cell design offers unique features that enhance their reliability and usability. Though difficult to produce, the ultra-thin filter cell results in the maximum possible clear aperture, in order to minimize vignetting (1.25" Filter clear aperture is 27mm, 2" Filter aperture is 45mm). The special threading has been designed to fit a wide variety of eyepieces and accessories (there is significant variation between the 1.25" filter threading used by eyepiece and accessory manufacturers). The front 'crown' of the filter incorporates milled notches which make handling and threading the filter a more secure operation in the dark.

Low cost: Despite high quality and advanced technology, Baader Planetarium filters are affordable. By leveraging high volumes across all filters in the Baader family, these filters can be offered at very reasonable prices.

Baader Planetarium Product Number: FSOL-1
Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Baader
Solar Accessory Type Filters
Warranty 1 Year Warranty

Customer Reviews 2 item(s)

An excellent filter for white light solar observing
This filter absolutely rocks when used with a Baader or Lunt Herschel wedge. The wedge with its ND3 filter by itself produces an image that is dazzlingly bright. The Baader solar continuum filter both tones this brightness down but also places the resulting view in a good wavelength for viewing with the human eye. However, if you don't like green, try the Baader polarization filter. When used in combination with a Herschel wedge's ND filter it can be rotated to provide variable polarization and variable brightness. Perfect for seeing fine detail within sunspots.
1= Houston, We Have a Problem & 5= It's Out of This World
Review by Kilgore Trout / (Posted on 6/19/2013)
A great mirror.
Had high hopes for this filter. Ended up returning it and getting something else. During an Astronomy Day at the College I past it around to the guys and they all said the same thing I said, "All I can see is my eyeball!" It's way too dark, can't see a thing on the surface of the Sun...yeah, that dark. Very reflective. Didn't try it with a blanket over my head, and maybe that was my mistake. Opt was really good on the return no fuss.
1= Houston, We Have a Problem & 5= It's Out of This World
Review by Dave / (Posted on 5/1/2013)
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  • Baader Solar Continuum Filter - 1.25"
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