Lunt Solar 60mm Double Stack H-Alpha Solar Telescope - B600 - 2" Feather Touch Focuser

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Lunt Solar 60mm Double Stack H-Alpha Solar Telescope - B600 - 2" Feather Touch Focuser
Item # LS-60THAD/B6F
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  • The Lunt LS60THaDS50 Hydrogen-Alpha Solar Telescopeis a custom designed 60mm singlet refractor with a focal length of 500mm.
  • The LS60THaDS50 model has a 60mm internal etalon and a 50mm unobstructed, front mounted external etalon. This model also has an upgraded 2" Feather Touch Focuser.
  • The Lunt Solar Systems LS60THaDS50 H-Alpha Solar Telescope includes a 6mm blocking filter that provides a ~4.5mm solar image.
  • Use the Lunt double-stacked LS60THaDS in single stack mode for prominences.


Lunt LS60THaDS50 Hydrogen-Alpha Double Stack Solar Telescope

Now introducing the Lunt Solar Systems Double Stack LS60THaDS50 Hydrogen-Alpha Refractor Telescope. At its heart is a custom-made 60mm precision aligned singlet lens. The focal length of the Lunt LS60 double-stacked solar telescope is 500mm, providing a ~4.5mm image through a 6mm blocking filter. This model comes with the upgraded Starlight Instruments 2" Feather Touch Focuser with 10:1 reduction and 2.5" of travel.

Lunt Solar Systems LS60T Hydrogen-Alpha Double Stack Telescope Highlights

  • The Lunt LS60THaDS50 etalons will be matched at the factory.
  • The Lunt LS60THaDS will utilize a 60mm unobstructed internal etalon and a 50mm unobstructed, front mount etalon.
  • With two factory-matched etalons, you will have a versatile system that can be used single-stacked for prominence viewing, and double-stacked for observing surface detail of the Sun.
  • Single stack mode will achieve a bandpass of ~0.75.
  • Double stack mode will have a ~0.55 bandpass.
As experienced solar observers know, it takes less than 1.0 angstrom to be able to see any detail and considerably less to see striking contrast - especially on the ever changing prominences. The reduction in bandpass from an estimated 0.8 Angstroms to 0.5 Angstroms seems to bring the Sun's surface to incredible life, but getting those spectacular results by double stacking are more difficult than they sound. Both etalons need to be brought on line (tuned) and both need to be tiltable so that all ghosts are eliminated. Ideally the transmission curves should overlap perfectly when on band to provide for the best possible resolution and contrast. These hurdles can be overcome by matching the etalons at the factory.

Lunt Solar Systems creates their line of h-alpha solar telescopes in Tuscon, Arizona. They have have put together a group of experienced solar enthusiasts who are looking forward to energizing the hobby with a continued commitment to advancing technologies, pride in quality, and the highest level of customer care. These are names you'll recognize, including Andrew Lunt with 20 years of optical design, Markus Ludes with his extensive knowledge of telescope design, Manny Serrano as a design engineer and Brian Stevens assembling, repairing and troubleshooting etalon systems. And newly designed etalon systems are what it's all about.... Some of their new products will range from an entry level 50mm etalon filter through to a 160mm Lunt Solar Telescope System using different components... One that's less thermally sensitive and far less prone to de-contacting.

Lunt Solar Systems LS60THaDS50 Hydrogen-Alpha Double Stack Solar Telescope Features

  • Factory Matched dual etalon system
  • Use of unobstructed etalons.
  • Infrared deflecting window to eliminate unwanted heat.
  • Optimized collimating system for true collimation, coma correction and off-axis reduction.
  • Stylized pearl white paint with black anodized trim.
  • Induced Transmission Filter for long term safety, durability and performance.
  • Full warranty from Lunt Solar Systems.
Lunt Solar Systems Product Number: 60THAD/B6F

Image shows optional eyepiece and Tele Vue Sol Searcher.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Solar Instrument Type Telescope
Aperture 51mm - 70mm
Emission Line H-Alpha
Manufacturer Lunt Solar
Warranty 5 Year Warranty
Blocking or ERF Aperture 6mm
Bandwidth <0.55 A
Telescope Focal Length 500mm
Telescope Focal Ratio Not supplied by manufacturer
Tuner Included? Yes
Length of Optical Tube 18.11"
Optical Tube Weight 8.15 lbs.
Included Items

Included Items

  • LS60 Ha Double Stacked Telescope System with a 6mm Blocking Filter
  • 2" Feather Touch Focuser
  • Clam Shell with mounting holes, accepts Tele Vue SolSearcher Finder (sold separately)
  • Re-enforced case with foam
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