Lunt Solar 100mm H-Alpha Etalon Only

Lunt Solar 100mm H-Alpha Etalon Only
Item # LS-100FHA
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  • Lunt Solar Systems - 100mm H-Alpha Etalon reduces bandpass of Lunt LS-100 Solar System to <0.5 angstroms.
  • Lower bandpass means better contrast and higher resolution for both viewing and imaging!
  • The Lunt Solar Systems - 100mm H-Alpha Etalon can be ordered with the Lunt LS-100 for a perfect factory match.
  • Must be used with Lunt Blocking Filter.


Lunt Solar Systems - 100mm H-Alpha Etalon

Are you ready to use the double-stack technique to reduce bandpass and get the best possible resolution and contrast from your Lunt Solar System telescope? Then check into the Lunt 100mm H-alpha Etalon. This 100mm aperture filter will reduce the bandpass of a Lunt LS-100 solar system to <0.5 - dependent slightly on the telescope. What's more, if you order this extra Etalon at the same time you purchase your LS-100, the two filters will be matched at the factory. If you already have an LS-100 and want to double-stack, please contact OPT for instructions that will ensure your current Etalon and your new Etalon match up properly.

Lunt Solar Systems creates their line of h-alpha solar telescopes and h-apha accessories in Tuscon, Arizona. They have have put together a group of experienced solar enthusiasts who are looking forward to energizing the hobby with a continued commitment to advancing technologies, pride in quality, and the highest level of customer care. These are names you'll recognize, including Andrew Lunt with 20 years of optical design, Markus Ludes with his extensive knowledge of telescope design, Manny Serrano as a design engineer and Brian Stevens assembling, repairing and troubleshooting etalon systems.

Please Note: This 100mm Filter cannot be used alone for solar viewing or imaging. It only works when attached to an existing Lunt LS100 Solar System, and the proper blocking filter is used. Blocking filter is not included.

Lunt Product Number: 100FHA
Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Lunt Solar
Solar Accessory Type Double-Stack
Warranty 5 Year Warranty
Included Items

Included Items

  • Lunt Solar Systems 100mm Ha Filter for Double-Stacking on the LS-100
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