Coronado SolarMax II 40/ RichView Tuner Package for Double-Stacking SM40 Filter Set or Telescope

Coronado SolarMax II 40/ RichView Tuner Package for Double-Stacking SM40 Filter Set or Telescope
Item # CI-SME-40
  • The Coronado SolarMax II 40/ RichView Tuner Package is an H-Alpha 40mm narrowband unit for use in doublestacking.
  • Cannot be used without secondary interference filter which means that you must use this filter with either a Coronado etalon / blocking filter or Coronado H-alpha telescope.
  • The Coronado SolarMax II 40/ RichView Tuner Package comes with RichView tuner for catching doppler shifted solar action!
  • Requires an adapter, which is sold separately. Please read below for installation requirements.


Coronado SolarMax II 40 / RichView Tuner Package for Double-Stacking SM40 Filter Set or Telescope

Increase the amount of detail you can see through your SolarMax II 40 filter set or SolarMax telescope when you add a second filter! This is a genuine Coronado Instruments SolarMax II 40 / RichView unit that will, when properly matched, narrow your bandpass to <0.5 angstroms, greatly increasing the amount of surface detail you can see and image with your SolarMax 40 telescope. The unit is a second SolarMax II 40 filter and RichView just like the primary unit on all SolarMax II 40 Telescopes. The new unit will fit directly to the front of your existing unit, by means of an adapter plate (sold separately).

This filter CANNOT be used as a stand alone solar filter. Immediate and irreversible eye damage may result

Additional Information

Additional Information

UPC Code 709942996708
Aperture 40mm
Emission Line H-Alpha
Bandwidth <0.5
Blocking Filter Included Sold Separately
Best for Focal Lengths of... 600mm & Under
Blocking Filter Barrel Size 1.25"
Manufacturer Coronado
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Wavelength <0.5 A
Tuner Included? Yes

Customer Reviews 1 item(s)

I bought a base level PST, the sun was fun to look at but lacked the ability to show any surface detail. So it tended to sit more than get used.

The SM40 comes packaged in a very nice foam lined hard case and a manual that covers several solar telescopes.

The filter screws directly to the front of the PST and the adjustments are easy to learn from the well written instruction manual.

With this second stack filter the suns ball really pops with surface detail in 3-D. Wow!

If you have a Coronado PST single stack and want it to pop when viewing the sun, the SM40 works very well.

I gave it four stars simply because I thought it costs too much.

Aside from the cost being more than the whole PST, it's a value compared to buying another system.
1= Houston, We Have a Problem & 5= It's Out of This World
Review by Craig Freeman / (Posted on 4/23/2011)
Included Items

Included Items

  • SolarMax II 40mm Narrowband Front Element
  • RichView Tuner
Questions & Answers

Product Questions

Morning. I have a 40mm PST solar telescope and would like to double stack it. I see you have the Coronado SolarMax II 40/ RichView Tuner Package. Does it need or come with the adapter ?? If it needs an adapter, please let me know and what your part number is. Please advise. Thanks. Dave
Dear Friends, I am asking about the size of the packaging box of the Coronado SolarMax II H-Alpha Double Stacking Etalon Solar Filter (40mm) as well as the total weight of the shipping package. Thank you for your attention.
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