Sky & Telescope Field Map of the Moon

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  • Illustrator: Antonin Rukl Publisher: Sky Publishing (2007)
  • The Sky & Telescope Field Map of the Moon is an easy-to-use, large-scale map by famed lunar cartographer Antonin Rukl.
  • Depicts the entire Earth-facing side of the Moon, including libration zones.
  • Nearly 1000 features clearly labeled and identified.
  • The Sky & Telescope Field Map of the Moon features a unique design allows you to view the whole map, a single quadrant, or a neighboring pair of quadrants.
  • Each laminated map section is 12 inches by 12 inches, opens to 24 by 24 inches.


Sky & Telescope's Field Map of the Moon

Here's the only Moon reference you'll ever need at the telescope! With new cartography from Antonín Rükl and more than 1,000 individually labeled landmarks, including the complete libration zones, your Moon-gazing will be more rewarding than ever. The unique design of Sky and Telescope The Field Map of the Moon allows you to look at the entire Moon, individual quadrants, or any two neighboring quadrants at the same time, and the durable lamination will protect your map from dew, spills, and everyday wear and tear for years to come.

How to Use the Sky and Telescope Field Map of the Moon...
Locate the quadrant of interest on the Field Map of the Moon by using the handy key that appears in the corner of each map section. Rotate the map until the view matches the orientation of the Moon in your telescope. (For telescopes that produce a "mirror-reversed" view, remove the star diagonal to match the map.)

To locate a specific feature on the Field Map of the Moon, consult the index, which provides its quadrant designation (NE, NW, SE, SW) and grid location. This map, like all modern maps of the Moon, follows the astronautic convention in which lunar west and east are opposite those in the sky. For example, if you wanted to locate the crater Tycho, you would open the map to the southwest (SW) quadrant and look in the grid coordinate P8.

Depending on the Moon's orientation, some areas near the illuminated limb may or may not be visible. These libration zones are depicted in neutral gray and can be gauged using the accompanying scale which gives the amount of libration in degrees.

For those wishing to complete their lunar challenge studies, you won't find a more excellent guide anywhere. Buy several to give to members of your astronomy club or to help in public outreach programs!
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Additional Information

SKU 9781931559225
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Included Items

  • Sky & Telescope Laminated Rukl Field Map of the Moon
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