Stellarvue 100mm f/5.8 Quad Astrograph Telescope with 3" Stellarvue Focuser - Discontinued

Stellarvue 100mm f/5.8 Quad Astrograph Telescope with 3" Stellarvue Focuser - Discontinued   Discontinued
Item # SV-SVQ100-3SV
  • The Stellarvue 100mm f/5.8 Quad Astrograph employs a 3" dual-speed Stellarvue focuser for extreme stability, allowing it to maintain alignment while holding the heaviest astro cameras.
  • Features Ohara FPL-53 optical glass for a completely flat field and color correction that is virtually "reflector-like".
  • The Stellarvue 100mm f/5.8 Quad Astrograph is optimized for full frame imaging.
  • The SVQ100 is lightweight and portable enough to be safely taken anywhere you go.


Stellarvue 100mm f/5.8 Astrograph With Stellarvue 3" Focuser

The Stellarvue SV-SVQ100-3SV Astrograph is a new version of the original SVQ100 with a Stellarvue 3" dual speed rack and pinion focuser.

This SV-SVQ100-3SV Astrograph by Stellarvue is a unique, four-element telescope designed for full-frame imaging. It is made on a very short optical tube assembly, well within airline carry on size limits so you can safely take it anywhere you go. The image field is absolutely flat and color correction is virtually "reflector-like" thanks to an advanced optical system using Ohara FPL53 optical glass.

The SVQ is optimized for imaging work. However, using a visual adapter the instrument can be used with a diagonal and eyepiece. These telescopes are made in the USA, assembled and triple tested one at a time, in Stellarvue's Auburn, California factory.

Stellarvue wanted this SV-SVQ100-3SV quad to be extremely stable to maintain alignment and easily hold the heaviest astro cameras. For this reason, it includes an oversized 3" dual speed, Stellarvue focuser with high lifting capacity. The telescope comes with threaded camera adapters for both the 42mm and 48mm over-sized T-rings so you can directly thread your T-ring equipped camera directly to this focuser.

This 100 mm aperture f/5.8 Quad SV-SVQ100-3SV Astrograph by Stellarvue is made with Ohara FPL-53 glass. While the overall visual correction of any astrograph is not the same as a high Strehl ratio apo triplet, the SVQ100-3FT will work as a flat field "richest field telescope" with excellent color correction.

In addition to the 42mm and 48mm over-sized T-rings, you may also purchase a number of larger, optional adapters for direct wide aperture attachment to your full frame camera. Get the most imaging performance out of this fine Astrograph.

The Stellarvue SV-SVQ100-3FT Astrograph incorporates a 100mm clear aperture, 580mm focal length (f/5.80), air spaced four element apochromatic objective using an Ohara FPL53 second element. It has been optimized to yield a flat field for full frame imaging work. This SV-SVQ100-3FT Astrograph has a typical resolution capability of 2.28 arcsecond per pixel on a full frame chip, or 1.92 arcsecond per pixel on an APS chip.

This high performing Astrograph by Stellarvue includes a Stellarvue 3" focuser, dual hinged mounting rings, and threaded extension. It has a lightweight, fully baffled aluminum tube and dew shield, and it is painted ultra flat black inside to yield maximum contrast. The main tube is 4.5" in diameter while the dew shield front ring diameter is 5.5". This telescope is in continuous production and available from OPT. The Stellarvue SV-SVQ100-3SV is shipped in a foam lined hard case for optimum protection of your scope.

Stellarvue SV-SVQ100-3SV Astrograph Specifications:

• Objective: 100mm clear aperture, 580mm focal length (f/5.80), air spaced four element apochromat using an Ohara FPL53 second element. Optimized for full frame imaging.

• Tube Assembly: Lightweight fully baffled aluminum tube and dewshield. Painted ultra flat black inside for high contrast images.

• Dimensions: OTA: 19.25" long with dewshield retracted and 23.75" long with dewshield extended (focuser racked in); 4.5" diameter main tube

• Weight: OTA Only: 10.8 pounds; Rings add 12 ounces each

• Dew Shield: Textured instrument white aluminum retracting dewshield with cap; Dew shield front ring diameter is 5.5"

• Focuser: 3" Stellarvue focuser with 2" travel, threaded for direct connection of camera using various adapters. Includes 2 threaded extension tubes with M69 X 1 thread, 48mm and 42mm T-ring adapters

• Field of View: Full Frame Camera (Canon 5D, SBIG 11K, etc.) = 3.56 degrees by 2.37 degrees; APS sized chip: (Apogee 8300, QSI 583 & 683) = 1.92 degrees by 1.34 degrees

• Resolution: Full Frame chip = 2.28"/Pixel. APS Chip = 1.92"/Pixel

• Backfocus: 153mm with focuser racked all the way in; focuser drawtube attachment thread is a female M78 X 1 thread

• Rings: Aluminum hinged rings with the standard 1/4-20 thread Stellarvue hole pattern top and bottom; the holes are spaced 1.5" and 60mm apart respectively, with one in the center

• Adapters: One M78 to M69 adapter, one M48 to M42 adapter, one M69 to M48 adapter, one 30mm extension tube (M48 X 0.75 thread), two 33mm extension tubes (M69 X 1 thread)

• More Adapter Information: These included adapters will accommodate a wide range of backfocus from 150mm to as little as 46mm (for telescopes that use a standard T-ring thread) and 54mm for telescopes that use an M48 thread. The modular nature of this equipment enables the user to purchase additional M48 extension tubes if you have a camera with a chip plane requiring a different back focus. This is a question of where your particular camera will come to focus. It is best to try to hot focus in the center of the focuser's drawtube range of travel.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Stellarvue
Telescope Series Stellarvue Quad
Optical Design Astrograph
Mount Type None - Optical Tube Only
Warranty 2 Year Warranty
Telescope Aperture 3.9"
Telescope Focal Length 580 mm
Telescope Focal Ratio f/5.8
Optical Tube Outer Diameter 4.5"
Length of Optical Tube 19.25" retracted; 23.75" extended
Optical Tube Weight 10.8 lb.
Dew Shield Included? Yes
Dew Shield Outside Diameter 5.5"
Tube Color or Finish Gloss White
Finder Included None
Focuser Size 3"
Focuser Style Rack & Pinion
Manual or Electronic Focusing? Manual
Focusing Speeds Two-Speed
Case Included? Yes
Included Items

Included Items

  • Stellarvue 100mm SV-SVQ100-3SV Astrograph
  • Feather Touch 3" dual-speed focuser
  • Two aluminum hinged mounting rings with the standard Stellarvue 1/4-20 thread
  • White aluminum retracting dewshield with cap
  • M78 to M69 adapter
  • M48 to M42 adapter
  • M69 to M48 adapter
  • 30mm extension tube with M48 X 0.75 thread
  • 2 ea. 33mm extension tubes with M69 X 1 thread
  • Foam lined hard carrying case
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