Meade Series 4000 Eyepiece & Filter Set- Discontinued

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Meade Series 4000 Eyepiece & Filter Set- Discontinued   Discontinued
Item # ME-07169
  • Save over $100 when you buy the Meade Series 4000 Eyepiece and Filter Set!
  • This special eyepiece and filter set includes six (6) Series 4000 Plossl eyepieces, the #126 2X barlow, 4 planetary filters, a moon filter and a rugged aluminum carrying case to house it all!
  • When used with and without the barlow lens, the Meade Series 4000 Eyepiece and Filter Set will give you twelve magnification options for your telescope.
  • Filters thread into the barrels of virtually all 1.25" eyepiece brands, while the eyepieces work the same with all 1.25" focusers.


The Meade Series 4000 Eyepiece and Filter Set

Are you looking for a super value on a super set of telescope accessories? Then check out the Meade Super Plossl Eyepiece and Filter Set...

  • Series 4000 6.4mm Super Plossl - 1.25"
  • Series 4000 9.7mm Super Plossl - 1.25"
  • Series 4000 12.4mm Super Plossl - 1.25"
  • Series 4000 15mm Super Plossl - 1.25"
  • Series 4000 32mm Super Plossl - 1.25"
  • Series 4000 40mm Super Plossl - 1.25"
  • #126 2X Barlow Lens - 1.25"
  • #12 Yellow Color Filter
  • #23A Light Red Color Filter
  • #58 Green Color Filter
  • #80A Blue Color Filter
  • Moon/ND96 Filter -1.25"
  • Aluminum Carry Case

Series 4000 Super Plossl Eyepieces: Meade Series 4000 eyepieces yield the widest possible fields of view, consistent with pinpoint edge-of-field sharpness and long eye relief—and yet with extremely low astigmatism, spherical aberration, and off-axis color. Incorporating multicoated optics for optimum image contrast, these sophisticated designs permit levels of optical performance generally impossible to achieve with eyepieces of fewer elements. All Series 4000 eyepieces include a soft rubber eye guard, custom fitted to each eyepiece with a bayonet mount. The eye guards fold down for eyeglass wearers, and in fact the folded eye guard shields eyeglasses from coming into contact with the metal eyepiece housings. Rubber grips are provided on all but the three shortest focal length Super Plössl eyepieces.

Designed to utilize the very latest in optical glass types, Meade 4-element Super Plössls are excellent general-purpose eyepieces. For observing hairline lunar and planetary detail, splitting close double stars, or for resolving faint nebulosity in deep space, Meade Super Plössls optimize the performance of any telescope type, whether f/10 Schmidt- Cassegrain, f/16 refractor, or f/4 reflector. All focal lengths through 32mm are parfocal.

Meade #126 2X Barlow: Double the magnification of your eyepieces with this good quality 2X barlow lens. Only 2.5" long, the #126 works well with any telescope accepting 1.25" eyepieces, even those with limited focus range, and maintains high image quality. Insert the #126 into a star diagonal for 2x or insert the diagonal into the #126 for 3x. 27mm diameter (26mm clear aperture).

Meade Color Filter Set #1: Color filters are an essential tool of the lunar and planetary observer, for filters permit the observation and photography of surface detail that is often virtually invisible without filtration. Filters solve, or greatly reduce the effects of, two basic observing problems:

(a) Irradiation is the fuzzying of a boundary between lighter and darker areas of the Moon or a planetary surface and can be caused either by the effects of highly contrasting light impacting the human eye or by the motion of the Earth’s atmosphere, through which the observation is being made.

(b) Contrast is the separation of adjacent surface regions according to their color; for example, a light green area on Mars can become mixed in the eye with an adjacent light yellow area, to the effect that the combined area appears yellow-green, unseparated into its component regions.

The use of a Meade Series 4000 color filter can mean the difference between seeing small craterlets in the floor of Clavius on the Moon and not; it can mean the difference between seeing five or six whirls, festoons, and loops in Jupiter’s north equatorial belt and seeing one or two; it can mean the difference between seeing the inner crépe ring of Saturn and not. Depending on atmospheric conditions on both the Earth and the planet being observed, the advantages of color filters can be anywhere from subtle to dramatic.

Meade Series 4000 filters are a large 26mm in clear aperture and are manufactured from the purest crown optical glass, dyed-in-the-mass (not “color coated”); there are no finer filters available for telescopic applications. Each filter glass is anti-reflection coated on both sides and is mounted in a machined aluminum cell with the Wratten No. of the filter marked on the side of the cell. Filters may be piggybacked, or stacked, to achieve selective filtration of the visual color spectrum. For visual applications Series 4000 filters thread into the barrels of all Meade 1.25" eyepieces, and into the barrels of virtually all other 1.25" eyepiece brands as well. The eyepiece-with-filter can be placed in the eyepiece-holder of a Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope or Meade ED Apochromatic Refractor for Tele-Extender eyepiece-projection photography of the Moon and planets. The filters also thread into the barrels of the Meade Camera Adapter (1.25") and Variable-Projection Camera Adapter. Each Series 4000 filter is packed in a foam-fitted plastic case for secure long-term storage.

Set #1 includes: #12 Yellow (74% transmission): Contrasts strongly with blue-colored features on Jupiter and Saturn, while enhancing red and orange features. Lightens red-orange features on Mars, while reducing or blocking the transmission, and thereby increasing the contrast, of blue-green areas. Useful in increasing the contrast of lunar features in telescopes 6" aperture and larger.

#23A Light Red (25% transmission): On telescopes of 6" aperture and larger the #23A does approximately the same functions as the #21 filter, but with stronger contrast and enhancement of marginally defined blue-green surface detail. Useful primarily on Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars. Increases contrast between Mercury and bright blue sky during daylight observations or during twilight.

#58 Green (24% transmission): Use on telescopes 8" aperture and larger to reject blue- and red-toned structures on the surface of Jupiter and thereby increase their contrast relative to lighter parts of the disc. Also use for the enhancement of Saturn’s cloud belts and polar regions. Strongly increases contrast of Mars’ polar ice caps, and increases contrast of atmospheric phenomena on Venus.

#80A Blue (30% transmission): A popular filter for the study of Jupiter and Saturn. Enhances contrast of rilles and festoons in Jupiter’s cloud belts, as well as details of the Red Spot. Brings out detail in Saturn’s belts and polar phenomena. Very useful as a contrast-enhancing lunar filter.

Meade ND96 Moon Filter (0.9 density; 13% transmission): The neutral density filter transmits light uniformly across the entire visual spectrum. It serves as an excellent filter to reduce glare and irradiation when observing the Moon with any telescope 4" and larger. The ND96 filter may also be employed in the splitting of close double stars where one of the binary pair significantly exceeds the other in brightness.

Top it all off with a custom brushed aluminum storage case and you've got not only a great collection... but a great value, too!

Meade Product Number: 07169

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU ME-07169
Manufacturer Meade
Kit Includes 1.25" Barlow, 1.25" Blue Filter, 1.25" Eyepieces, 1.25" Green Filter, 1.25" Moon Filter, 1.25" Red Filter, 1.25" Yellow Filter, Case
How Many Eyepieces? 6 @ 1.25"
Focal Lengths Included 12.4mm, 15mm, 32mm, 40mm, 6.4mm, 9.7mm
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Included Items

Included Items

  • Series 4000 6.4mm Super Plossl - 1.25"
  • Series 4000 9.7mm Super Plossl - 1.25"
  • Series 4000 12.4mm Super Plossl - 1.25"
  • Series 4000 15mm Super Plossl - 1.25"
  • Series 4000 32mm Super Plossl - 1.25"
  • Series 4000 40mm Super Plossl - 1.25"
  • #126 2X Barlow - 1.25"
  • Color Filter Set #1
  • Moon/ND96 Filter
  • Aluminum Case
  • One Year Manufacturer Warranty
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