QHY IMX174 1/1.2" Exmor Sensor CMOS Imaging Camera - Monochrome

QHY IMX174 1/1.2" Exmor Sensor CMOS Imaging Camera - Monochrome
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  • The QHY IMX174 1/1.2" Exmor Sensor CMOS Imaging Camera - Monochrome is a highly versatile Astronomy Camera that is ideal for Lunar, Planetary, or Solar Imaging. It also possesses HD video capture capabilities, and is ideal for Off Axis guiding.


QHY IMX174 1/1.2" Exmor Sensor CMOS Imaging Camera - Monochrome

The QHY5III IMX174 is the first in QHY's new line of QHY5III series CMOS USB3.0 cameras. It was designed to be excellent for Lunar, Planetary, and Solar imaging, and excels at all three. It also has the capability of taking video footage. This highly flexible design means that it can be used for a wide variety of imaging and video tasks with high quality results.

Part of what makes this camera so adaptable is probably the unique new sensor design from Sony that is used here. Sony introduced a new global shutter (GS) CMOS imaging technology called PregiusTM that redefines the GS CMOS imaging category and provides the best of both worlds with fast frame rate and CCD-like imaging performance. The technology offers lower dark noise, which enables higher gains without compromising image quality, as well as higher quantum efficiency. Furthermore, it eliminates pixelization caused by atmospheric agitation and high frame rates when imaging the Planets and the Moon.

This new QHY camera keeps the 1.25 inch eyepiece design. The advantage of this design is a more efficient transfer of heat to the outer case enabling lower noise especially in high ambient temperatures. The 1.25 inch design also offers the shortest possible backfocus, making the camera ideal for Off Axis guiding. In addition, the QHY5III174 uses the rugged and reliable LEMOS style connector for the guide port.

QHY Product Number: QHY5III174M
Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer QHY
Color or B&W? Monochrome (B&W)
Sensor Type CMOS
Series QHY Mono Cooled Cameras
Pixel Size < 5 Microns
Chip Diagonal 10.1mm - 12mm
Sensor Manufacturer Sony
# of Sensors Single Sensor
Sensor Model IMX174
Quantum Efficiency 78%
Full Well Capacity >32 Ke
Pixel Size in Micrometers 5.86um*5.86um
Pixel Array 1936*1216 2.35 mega pixels
Sensor Diagonal 11.34mm*7.13mm
Minimum Exposure Time 5us
Maximum Exposure Time 900sec
Integrated Guider? No, but includes Integrated Guide Port
Binning Modes 1x1, 2x2
Interface USB 3.0
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