Meade ETX125 Observer Telescope

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Meade ETX125 Observer Telescope
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  • The Meade ETX125 Observer Telescope has at long last returned, the legend rising back to life and becoming available for your use! Continuing a legacy of quality, performance and value that Meade has been sure to provide for their customers, the ETX 125 Observer is sure to please you whether you use it for visual or imaging astronomy! It is a 5" aperture scope that operates at F/15.
  • The Meade ETX125 Observer Telescope is a fully featured Go-To scope equipped with the top quality AudioStar controller. In addition to finding and tracking objects in the night sky for you, the AudioStar® controller boasts a number of features of its own, including a 30,000+ object database, built-in speaker, and over 4 hours of of audio content that educates you about objects you observe.
  • The Meade ETX125 Observer Telescope also includes a wide array of useful accessories to further enhance your astronomical experience! From a compass to aid with setup to eyepieces and flip mirrors to actively assist you at night, this system has it all!


Meade ETX125 Observer Telescope

A Legacy Upheld

The ETX series has always been there for novice astronomers, providing the upmost in quality, performance, and value. These treasured scopes are among the best a novice astronomer can aspire to, and are fully capable of retaining their value your entire observing and imaging career through sheer quality. Each new model in the series has always brought new improvements and enhancements, building on the legacy of their predecessors- and the ETX Observer series is the next step of that legacy!

Meade is well aware that many were excited about the 80mm and 90mm apertures, and are excited in turn to announce the return of the ETX 125, taking mobile astronomy to a whole new level. This large 127mm Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope marries the portability of the ETX with Meade’s premium optics. Enjoy detailed close-up views of the Moon and planets, and be amazed by the stunning views of star clusters, nebulae, and more!

The Ultimate in Go-To Telescope Technology

The ETX 125 Observer comes equipped with Go-To technology and the top quality Audio-Star controller. This controller is the heart of the telescopes computer guided system, not only finding and tracking objects in the night sky for you, but also boasting a number of features of its own such as a 30,000+ object database, built-in speaker, and over 4 hours of of audio content that educates you about objects you observe. These features make this one of the premier choices for a computer controlled and guided system available, making learning about the night sky a fun and easy experience. Start exploring the night sky now, and behold the infinite possibilities!

A High Value Package

The ETX 125 Observer comes to you loaded and ready for action with an array of useful accessories and additions. From the built in Flip Mirror to the red dot finder and it's mounting bracket, each accessory packaged with this scope is of great use and greater quality! The Flip Mirror lets you use an eyepiece and a camera simultaneously, which is good because this scope isn't just perfect for imaging- it comes with a pair of stellar quality eyepieces! These eyepieces are the 9.7mm and 26mm Series 4000 Super Plossls from Meade, 1.25"" eyepieces that are well worth putting to use. The internal 90 degree diagonal makes for a more comfortable viewing position for you, the user- a convenience that is sure to be appreciated. The red dot finder can easily be mounted with the included bracket, and makes for accurate and reliable guiding. When used in conjunction with the flip mirror, you can actively guide your scope while having your camera ready for your needs at the same time. The ETX 125 Observer also comes with a compass and bubble level that makes setup and alignment quick and easy. And all of this is mounted atop a steel field tripod with a built in EQ tilt plate, a stable and reliable platform to mount your system atop without any worries. This stable tripod is perfect for the telescope it is being sold with, just like the rest of these accessories. As a whole the synergy of each part creates a truly splendid product!

Manufacturer Product Number: 205005
Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU ME-205005
UPC Code 709942997774
Manufacturer Meade
Telescope Series Meade ETX
Optical Design Maksutov-Cassegrain
Mount Type Equatorial - GoTo
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Telescope Aperture 127 mm / 5"
Telescope Focal Ratio F/15
Telescope Focal Length 1900 mm
Optical Coatings Multi-Coated
Eyepiece(s) Included Two (2) 1.25” Super Plossl: 9mm & 26mm
Tube Color or Finish Meade Gloss Blue
OTA Mount Type Dual Fork Arms
Finder Included Red Dot Finder
Hand Controller Included? Yes
Controller Type AudioStar
Objects in Database Over 30,000
Tripod Type Included Adjustable with Steel Legs
Questions & Answers

Product Questions

Past versions of the ETX-125 had optics which were coated with Mead's UHTC coatings. I see there is no mention of it with regard to the current ETX-125 Observer. How do the Observer's "Premium Multicoated Optics" compare to the UHTC coatings that were used on previous models?
Is a hard case for the optical tube/fork mount included?
Does this scope give you a true image or reversed image when viewing through the provided eyepiece? Can a 45 degree eyepiece be attached if needed to provide a true image?
Will the Stella Wi-Fi Adapter work with the ETX125
Is GPS built in?
Does this have electric focus control? Or is that an option?
Does the ETX come with an adapter for 2" eyepieces, or is that something that needs to be bought separately.
Being that this is a 1900mm f/15 scope, are there any focal reducers available that will fit this OTA for occasions when a wider field of view is desired?
can the finder be replaced with a real finder?
Does it come with a front lens cover? And would the cover be metal or plastic?
How does the performance of this scope compare with its older version ETX-125? and the new StarNavigator NG 125
Is the internal optical tube essentially the same? Secondary baffle?
What is the weight and size of the Optical assembly and weight of tripod alone?
is there a solar filter available for the MEADE ETX125
Does the etx125-Observer telescope keep location, and update time and date while switched off between observing sessions?
The motor assembly still contain plastic gears or are they metallic now?
Will the MEADE ETX125 track the ISS
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