Comet ISON is Already Visible in North Eastern Skies

Published on Aug 10, 2013 on the YouTube Channel by Nemesis Maturity

Update August 10,2013 - There are 110 days until perihelion of Comet ISON Perihelion is due to occur on 28 November 2013, at 18:40:47 UTC (Perihelion time via JPL - updated on August 7, 2013)

Comet ISON is currently 233,829,879 miles (2.515495 AU) from the Sun, and travelling at 59,513.74 mph (26.61 km/s)

Earth Distance: 321,529,265 miles (3.458948 AU) Constellation: Cancer

On August 10th, the time projected (tp) value calculated by NASA for perihelion (closest to the sun) was 2013-Nov-28.77833189. That's the equivalent of November 28, 2013 at 18:40:47 UTC.

ISON's size is only estimated at present but is thought to be around a few miles in diameter. This will become more apparent in the next few months as the comet continues its approach during 2013. Astronomers who have been processing data from NASA's Swift satellite, estimate the comet to be around 3 miles in diameter. They have reached this conclusion by observing the amount of ice and dust emitted from ISON's surface as it falls through space toward the Sun.

ISON is currently between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, but from Earth's perspective, it appears behind the Sun's glare. ISON entered the Sun's glare back in June and should become observable by NASA's equipment in mid-August or early September at the latest. It's projected that it will become visible to the naked eye by early to mid-November.

ISON's average speed throughout August will be 60,462mph. It will continue to accelerate steadily until 28th November when it'll whip around our Sun at an astonishing 425,000mph!



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