Celestron Hot Products

Celestron has been a long standing manufacturer of SCT Telescopes and Telescope mounts. They have continued to offer innovative products that are affordable for any user.  Below is a list of the products that we think are the hottest in the astronomy industry right now. Click on the links if you want to see all the products offered in these incredible product lines.

Advanced VX:  The Celestron Advance VX German Equatorial Mount and Telescopes have been a staple for entry level astrophotographers. This portable telescope mount is easy to use, very modular, and offers advanced features found in Celestron's bigger telescope mounts.

Celestron Advanced VX Mounts

CGX & CGX-L: The CGX and CGX-L are the newest telescope mounts from Celestron. both of these mounts were designed for tracking performance and ergonomics.  These telescopes and mounts work extremely well for Advanced astrophotographers.

Celestron CGX & CGX-L

Nexstar: The Celestron Nexstar series of telescopes are actually several products lines, Nexstar telescopes are designed for ease of use. The can be set up without any knowledge of the stars and will easily find a track the object that you would wish to look at.

Celestron Nexstar Series