JTW L200 Deluxe Spectroscope with Neon Lamp and 600LP/mm Grate

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JTW L200 Deluxe Spectroscope with Neon Lamp and 600LP/mm Grate
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  • The JTW L200 Deluxe Spectroscope with Neon Lamp and 600LP/mm Grate is a high quality spectroscope ideal for anyone interested in the field, whether an amateur or a veteran. With a wide range of compatible grates integrating smoothly with the design to grant an immense degree of versatility, it's a truly splendid piece of work for any aspiring Spectroscopy enthusiast!
  • The JTW L200 Deluxe Spectroscope with Neon Lamp and 600LP/mm Grate comes with three of the possible grate options- see related products for the full range of available grates, and note which ones you intend to package with the L200 Deluxe when contacting us to purchase!
  • The JTW L200 Deluxe Spectroscope with Neon Lamp and 600LP/mm Grate is only available through special order, and may take some time to be delivered. Further details available when you contact us for purchase!


JTW L200 Deluxe Spectroscope with Neon Lamp and 600LP/mm Grate

Astronomical Spectroscopy has never before been so accessible to amateur astronomers! Spectroscopy, the scientific study of the spectrum of light emitted by various objects, is an intriguing and deep field of scientific study- and the spectroscopic study of stars is among the most fascinating activities involved in this study. And with the JTW L200 Spectroscope, this field of study is now open to amateur's with an interest in it- the analysis of the structure, temperature, and even chemical makeup of far away stars for a starting point- and just that, a starting point! Further study yields such fascinating activities as making use of the doppler shift to measure close by binary star systems and redshift of distant quasars, monitoring various stars or even supernovae, as well as enabling you to contribute to major ProAm projects such as the Be Star Database. All of these activities can be performed with a simple Spectroscope and a medium size telescope..

And this product is just such a high quality spectroscope- and finally, within the reach of Amateurs interested in the field! JTW's Spectra L200 is an ideal model both for beginners in the field and advanced practioners on the look for high quality optics and processing power. Based on the same design they once used for an intermediate kit, JTW has advanced and refined that initial design- and the result is certainly of the utmost quality. Based on the high performing, well proven Litrow design, the optics of the Spectra L200 are all of the highest quality, mounted in a robust precision laser cut and CNC machined housing. What is more, weighing in at a lightweight 1.2 kg, barely more than an average CCD camera, it's not going to require much from your mount or tripod in terms of weight tolerance. It's compatible with any telescope with a focal ratio of f/7 or higher without losing any efficiency, and the entrance port is a female T thread. Any suitable adapter can be found to use it with your current focuser, of course.

The model's specially designed custom made multi-reflective entrance slit plate provides a unique arrangement of nine different slit gaps (20/25/30/35/40/45/50/75/100 micron) and three pinholes (20/50/100 micron), all of which can be quickly set using an inbuilt thumbwheel. The highly reflective chromium service permits the imaging of your targeted star in a guide camera, and the transfer mirror and optics provide a very wide field of view to any guiding camera. This makes it very easy to confirm the correct star is located on the entrance slit and any star image visible can be used for guiding.

None of these features however, are so important as that which makes up the heart of the assembly; the reflective grating. This grating is positioned in the collimated parallel beam behind a fully coated over sized achromatic doublet. There's a quick change over grating module integrated into the design, greatly enhancing the versatility of the design by enabling you, the user, to swap over various high and low resolution gratings freely, choosing the best resolution for the desired data. The gratings used are of the maximum thickness and oversized to ensure stability and robust durability, and all are blazed to ensure maximum efficiency. This model is sold with the standard 600LP/mm Grate- ideal for the mid range frequencies. Lower or higher frequency optimized grates are available and sold separately.

The grating has to be able to rotate, so as to bring the required central wavelength to the imaging camera's field of view. Due to this need, measures where taken to ensure maximum accuracy and precision in this rotation; the grating is mounted in a holder supported in a precision aerospace ball bearing and tensioned by a circumferential spring. Each and every grating assembly is, of course, tested thoroughly before dispatch with the product, and a micrometer head fitted with a custom nosepiece provides repeatable positioning of the grating.

JTW L200 Deluxe Spectroscope with Neon Lamp and 600LP/mm Grate Specifications and Features:

  • Wavelength Coverage: 721A (With 600LP/mm Grate)
  • Resolution: 2.89A (With 600LP/mm Grate)
  • R value: 1905 (With 600LP/mm Grate)
  • Lim. mag: 10.4 (With 600LP/mm Grate)
  • Weight - 1.2 Kg. The inside of the housing is 60mm x 60mm
  • Backfocus - 60mm (Enough for DSLR camera)
  • Slit - Reflective slit, multi slit (indexing)
  • Optimised - f/7 (300/600/1200 l/mm) & f10 (1800 l/mm)
  • Collimator - 38mm clear aperture achromatic doublet, f/l 200mm
  • Accessories included: Neon reference Lamp assembly, 600LP/mm Grate, two other grates of customer's choice.


  • Operator's Manual: Here!
  • Assembly Manual: Here!
  • Astronomical Spectroscopy - Yahoo! Group This is the Yahoo! group maintained by Ken Harrison. This group has over 700 members, any questions related to the operation of the L200 or spectroscopy in general will be welcomed by this active and enthusiastic group. Link Here!
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