About Our New Site

Whew ... finally! We're here, our brand new website is a reality!   What started as a conversation exactly three years ago, quickly morphed into one huge project: a complete remodel of our website to make it easier for customers to navigate and find exactly what they need.  Starting today and going thorugh the start of March we will be running a soft launch of our new site.  We hope that you'll take the time to explore it and send any comments to newsite@optcorp.com.   

Please forgive the dust as we continue making this the best astronomy retail site on the planet! 

Read on to find out what we've changed. 

Enhanced Search & Navigation

Let's start with our categories.  You can find these in the red bar at the top of the site.  We have chosen to make them very broad on purpose so there is no more guessing what category a product might be located in!   If you're looking for a telescope, you'll find them under "Telescopes" and then listed by design.   If you're trying to find a cable, you'll find all of them located in Cables & Cable Adapters under the Accessories tab.  Any sort of imaging accessory will be listed... you guessed it! Under Accessories and then Imaging Accessories.

Once you've selected a category you can further narrow your selection by choosing filters.  You'll see these clearly listed in the blue bar, just below the category text and image.  You may choose any filter tab you'd like and can narrow your selection by any combination of these tabs.  If you've picked a filter and want to get rid of it, simply click the small "X" located in the corresponding "Currently Shopping By" box above the blue filter bar. 

If you don't feel like filtering your choices, you can always search by keyword in the search box located in the top right of the site.  Our keyword search has been optimized to show you the best results possible and will offer suggestions as you enter your query.  


Customer Accounts & Dashboard

If you had an account on our website before, you have a new account on the new site as well!  Some important things to note: if you had a password that was less than 7 characters, the end of your password has been appended with lowercase "x" to meet the 6 character minimum.  Once you login, click on the My Account link at the very top left of the site.  Here you'll find your new dashboard. On the left hand side of the page you'll see a variety of tabs to choose from.  You can update or change your password by clicking on "Account Information".   Also, our new site's management system is completely new and the way it enters and tracks orders is very different than our old site.  This means that if you would like to retain record of your previous online orders, you should visit your account on www.optcorp.com and print out your order history.   Please keep in mind that we will have record of all of your orders in our off-line store system.

Your dashboard will also display all of your shipping and billing addresses, orders that you have placed, any wishlists you've created, product tags you might have added or reviews you have made.  You'll also notice the tab "Partial Payment."  This is a very special feature that will house all of your orders that have an open balance.   Read more about this below.


Open Balance Orders (Deposits)

There are items on our site that require a deposit when we are out of stock and you would like to reserve an incoming delivery from the manufacturer, in your name.   Our new shopping cart is very smart and will just be charging you for the deposit owed along with shipping and tax at the time your order is placed.  This not only reserves that product for you, but also locks in tax and shipping rates on the day that you order.    These partially paid orders can immediately be found in the "Partial Payment" tab on your customer dashboard.   You may elect to pay the balance immediately if you would like however, balances are not due until the product has arrived and is ready to be shipped.  As always you will be contacted with an estimated delivery time when your order is received.