Vixen Starbook-S GoTo Upgrade with Dual-Axis Motors for Great Polaris Mounts

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Vixen Starbook-S GoTo Upgrade with Dual-Axis Motors for Great Polaris Mounts
Item # VX-2522
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  • Add dual-axis drive AND GoTo to your Vixen Great Polaris mount with the new Starbook-S Upgrade package!
  • Includes the Vixen Starbook S hand controller with a built-in star chart that shows you exactly where your telescope is pointing.
  • With the Starbook-S Upgrade you'll get a 22,000 object database with drop-down lists that only show you what's up at that particular date and more choosing objects only to find out they are below the horizon!
  • The Starbook-S Upgrade package includes advanced encoded motors, autoguider port, PEC, Starbook-S and all necessary connection cables.
  • This upgrade fits most Great Polaris models made in the past ten years.


Vixen Starbook-S Upgrade

The latest option for the Vixen Great Polaris GP2 and GPD2 mounts is the new Starbook S, a GoTo controller with built-in, interactive star chart, that shows you exactly where the telescope is pointing and displays “what’s up” right now...not twelve hours from now.

Vixen Starbook-S Upgrade

The included (and upgradeable) software contains a 22,000 object database giving the user an endless variety of objects to view. Included are drop-down menus listing different categories of celestial objects, including Stars, Planets, Messier, NGC and other famous objects. Each sub menu only lists the objects that are available to be viewed at that time. This eliminates the frustration of other GOTO systems that don’t tell you the object is below the horizon until after you have selected it. With the Vixen Starbook you will spend more time viewing and less time searching.

The package includes advanced encoded motors for accurate tracking and an auto-guider port and PEC (periodic error correction) are standard features.

Vixen Product Number: 2522

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU VX-2522
Manufacturer Vixen
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Included Items

Included Items

  • Starbook-S Controller
  • Advanced Encoder Motors
  • Autoguider Port
  • Periodic Error Correction
  • Cables
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Battery Box
  • 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Questions & Answers

Product Questions

how can I connect my Laptop (Win 8, only USB) to the Vixen Starbook Type S (Vixen GPD2 Mount) I want a cable that goes from my Laptop directly to the RS232 without using the Starbook controller. I am using Software (Starry Night) +ASCOM Platform (EQASCOM)
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