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Tele Vue Eyepiece Caddy Set

Item # TE-TEC-1018

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Quick Overview

  • The Televue Eyepiece Caddy was designed for Gibraltar, Panoramic, and Telepod mounts.
  • Custom-machined spaces to hold two 2" and three 1.25" eyepieces.
  • The Televue Eyepiece Caddy can be retrofitted to older mounts with included template.
  • Predrilled to hold the Sky Tour Computer Caddy (sold separately).

Televue Eyepiece Caddy Set for Televue Mounts

The Televue Eyepiece Caddy Set for Televue Mounts is a handy accessory which bolts to the pre-drilled mounting holes in the yoke arms of current Televue Gibraltar, Panoramic, and Tele-Pod mounts. The aluminum arms of older mounts can easily be drilled to accept the Eyepiece Caddy Set and the template is included.

Televue Eyepiece Caddy Set

Each caddy is custom machined and can hold two 2" eyepieces and three 1.25" eyepieces. They are predrilled to attach the Sky Tour Computer Caddy (sold separately) and the Eyepiece Caddy must be installed in order to use the Sky Tour Computer Caddy.

Televue Product Number: TEC-1018

All Televue products are available to ship world-wide from OPT, and effective July 1, 2008, are covered by a Five Year Worldwide Limited Product Warranty! Always be sure to save your original packaging materials should you need to return any Televue product for warranty or repair.

Manufacturer Tele Vue
Warranty 5 Year Warranty
  • Televue Eyepiece Caddy Set for Televue Mounts
  • Bolts
  • Inserts
  • Five Year Manufacturer Warranty

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