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Meade LX200 Series Instructional DVD - Discontinued


Quick Overview

  • A "must have" for every Meade LX200GPS owner, as well as owners of other LX200 series telescopes!
  • The Instructional Video for Meade LX200 Seriesis a 90-minute DVD that covers set-up, alignment, AutoStar II functions, and more.
  • Presented in a very easy-to-understand fashion and perfect for new owners, this DVD is also a great refresher course for all Meade LX200GPS owners!

The Astrodude Instructional Video for Meade LX200 Series

Your New Meade LX200 Has Just Arrived on Your Doorstep... What Now?

Quickly and easily learn how to operate your LX200GPS, LX200R or LX200ACF telescope with this excellent, easy-to-follow instructional video by fellow LX200GPS owner, Patrick Harrold! This 90-minute long Meade LX200 Series Instructional DVD is basic in it's content, and assumes that you know nothing about how the LX200 should operate. This simple assumption will help you tame your LX200, even if you've never owned a telescope before. And, because Patrick covers the basics, this video is a great refresher course for those who have had their scope for awhile, as well as those who need to go over something like "Calibrate Sensors" with someone who knows the ropes. Picture having a friend who is extremely knowledgeable about the functions of their LX200 and has offered to come over and walk you through set up and operation...step-by-step. Who wouldn't want that?

Here is a bit of information from Patrick about his video, as well as a few video clips that will give you some insight into the laid-back feel of this DVD.

"If you are getting frustrated with the operation of your new LX200™GPS (or even your not-so-new LX200™GPS), have a look at this DVD. In the DVD I discuss all the basics of getting your LX200™GPS up and running right out of the box. I start at the beginning with tripod setup and carry through to the completion of all the alignment processes. I also discuss the Autostar II hand controller operation and keystrokes."

Half of the DVD is devoted to the Altitude/Azimuth (Alt/Az) setup:
  • Orient the telescope
  • Add accessories
  • Train Drives
  • Calibrate Sensors
  • Alignment Options
The other half of the DVD discusses the Polar setup, tripod and wedge set-up, orientation of the telescope system, adding accessories and all of the alignment procedures.

This is not your average "How To" video; The Astrodude Instructional Video for Meade LX200 Series DVD is very specific in its content..
  • Supplements the manual you received with your LX200™GPS
  • Basic in its content
  • DVD format (no VHS version)
  • Over 90 minutes long (in English)
  • Divided in logical sections for an easy-to-follow flow
  • There is even a blooper section just to show I am human, too
  • Examples are for northern hemisphere but apply to southern hemisphere as well
  • Designed to help any user get up and running faster and understand more about their equipment
Shipping for this product is FREE to customers in the United States.

Compatible Operating System Universal
Manufacturer Astrodude
Required RAM N/A
Required Display N/A
Other Requirements N/A
Processor Requirements N/A
Required Operating System N/A
Software Version N/A
Telescope Control? No
  • DVD that includes an instructional video on setting up and using the Meade LX200 telescope.

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