Mountain Skies Observatory Mountain Skies Observatory is located in Lyman, Wyoming at an elevation 6900 feet. Designed and built by Curtis MacDonald it is the largest privately owned observatories in the region. The main telescope at MSO is a computer controlled 20-inch f/11.5 classical cassegrain, on a massive German equatorial mount. MSO is used frequently by the Bridger Valley Astronomical Society (BVAS) as a site for their star parties. The observatory is also used to teach astronomy to the local areas school children, and the boy and girl scouts. Individual community groups have also enjoyed the stars from MSO. The clear dry pollution free skies of Wyoming produce excellent astronomical observing skies. Stars down to 7th magnitude were often seen with the naked eye at MSO. Galaxies and Planetary nebula often observed along with the Gravitational Lens in Ursa Major (957 +557 A+B) and the Globular clusters of the Andromeda Galaxy. A tail over 90 degrees long for Comet Hyakutake was seen at Mountain Skies Observatory in March of 1996. The History of Mountain Skies Observatory Laramie, Wyoming Mountain Skies Observatory was originally located 7 miles north of Laramie, Wyoming at an elevation 7200 feet. Operational since March of 1992, MSO was used frequently by the Laramie Astronomical Society & Space Observers and Cheyenne Astronomical Society as a site for their star parties. The observatory was also used to teach students astronomy through the University of Wyoming noncredit programs and varies community groups. Send mail to Curtis MacDonald at LINK: